CSIS in Afghanistan


Canadian Press details the involvement of CSIS in the interrogation and transfer of detainees.

The spies began working side-by-side with a unit of military police intelligence officers as the Afghan war spiralled out of control in 2006, according to heavily censored witness transcripts filed with the Military Police Complaints Commission.

The spy agency’s previously unknown role in questioning detainees adds a new dimension to the controversy about the handling and possible torture of prisoners by Afghan security forces. It also raises more questions about the critical early years in Kandahar when the Canadian military found itself mired in a guerrilla war it had not expected to fight.


CSIS in Afghanistan

  1. The Left in the US grossly miscalculated the level of anti-interrogation/pro-terrorists rights sentiment, such that Obama is now desperate to find a way to hold terrorists, or try them outside of civil tribunals.

    That the will of the NYTimes does not reflect the will of the American people is a hard lesson the Democrats are now learning.

    A left leaning media echo chamber makes one feel secure in far left policies – emphasis on the word "feel".

    There may be repositioning within the Liberal party as the tacit signs they don't want this to be a hill they die on mounts.

    In the meantime, the full court press (excuse the pun) by the agenda driven media will continue.

    • It is possible to abhor torture and terrorism at the same time. Even for the same reasons.

      • Of course it is.

        Funny, the outrage always seems to materialize in an effort to score partisan political points against conservatives.

        And on these threads, the theme invariably rests with how this can "bring Harper down".

        So while it is possible to abhor torture,

        I would think its also possible to abhor faux outrage at torture, whereby the outrage has precious little to do with the well being of humankind, and everything to do with scoring cheap policital points.

        As such, real innocents (not people accused of trying to kill us and our way of life) in places such as Cuba, who are tortured, murdered, ect, languish in silence.

        No points to be scored with them. So nary a peep by those who attempt to hold the moral high ground here, utilizing human rights as a taudry political tool.

        Interesting when viewed that way those who puport to hold the moral high ground, are actually about as morally low as one can get.

        • How many Cubans have we transferred to be tortured, biff?

          And why aren't you going on about the plight of the Ugandan children? Surely, they deserve your concern just as much, if not more, than political dissenters in Cuba?

          Why do you hate children, biff?

          • Jenn … I think you just proved the point Biff made.

            Why do you hate Harper so much, Jenn?

            Because you see him as a religious fundamentalist and a threat to your freedoms?

            But, but, but, you want to extend our protection and full human rights for and to real fundamentalist religious peoples who either support the throwing of acid into the faces and eyes of school girls or do it themselves and want to keep woman so far down that they are never seen in public?

            Wow … Wow …. Wow! You really do have the hatreds bad!

          • The strong CPCers s here have been flailing about like imbeciles for the last few days here, the more thoughtful ones are distancing themselves. I think the party is in big trouble.

          • First of all, I don't hate Harper. I just dislike him being our Prime Minister.

            Second of all, I'm kind of torn as to whether to answer you, or wait for biff to rise to my defence. Because that isn't the point biff has been making here (and I know that because this is about the 18th time biff has made it)

          • Explain to me, if you will, why you hate for Harper to be PM????? Does he not gather his votes from Canadians as have other past PM's done likewise???

          • Do I seriously have to explain to you the difference between "dislike the outcome" and "illegitimate"?

            I did not vote for Harper. Therefore, I dislike that others did in a sufficient number to make him Prime Minister. Nothing there indicates any problem with the legitimacy of the outcome, it simply doesn't reflect my personal preference.

            If you go to the grocery store for chocolate ice cream and they only have chocolate-mint swirl, does that make the chocolate-mint swirl illegitimate?

        • "real innocents"

          You really don't get it. Do you?

          And when did we invade Cuba? I really have to follow the headlines more closely.

      • Communist!

    • Say what?

  2. Surely you mean involvement "OF" CSIS.

  3. It seems Gauthier's testimony before the committee was lacking in a few details.

  4. Not surprising
    not even shocking, given the Harper follies to date.

    but oh so sad

    Oh Canada, indeed….

  5. Gee, we got sucked into deploying our troops to Afghanistan – done by the Liberals.
    Gee, while under Liberal control, our troops handed over our prisoners to the United States of Torture.
    Gee, under Harper's government we stopped giving the US of Torture our prisoners and gave them to Afghans.
    Gee, we have a logical interest in finding out about 5th columnists who kill or plan to our young men and women.
    Gee, CSIS was involved in intelligence gathering in theater.
    Gee, the Liberals should not have sent us there in the first place.
    Gee, the majority voted in the house to keep us there until 2011.
    Gee, we accept electrical torture devices being used in Canada by our police against kids and old men.
    Gee, this is all about partisan political posturing.
    Gee, if Iggy was in power, we would have gone to Iraq too.
    Gee, if Iggy was in power, we would still be giving our prisoners to the United States of Torture.
    Gee …. let's use this to elect Iggy!


    • Gee, what a dumbass you are.

      • Gee, bring our troops home and send Mr. Anon ….. he can do better 'cause he's SMART!
        Gee, we can afford to lose him since he is already corrupt and everyone knows he can use the cheap dope!

        Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

    • 'Gee, if Iggy was in power, we would have gone to Iraq too."

      Gee i'm all confused…i thought it was Harper wanted us in Iraq.

      • Oh, I'm sorry kcm, I forgot that Iggy was still an AMERICAN then … I'll take that one back ….. Ha Ha Ha Ha

    • Curious, But most that Lawrence states is quite factual correct and yet all these negative replies.
      Please give your reasoning for your thunbs down.

      • "Gee, under Harper's government we stopped giving the US of Torture our prisoners and gave them to Afghans. " This is not factually correct. It sure would make it easier for us Liberals right about now were it so, but it simply isn't. Liberals must own up to the fact that it was the Liberal watch that first saw detainees transferred to Afghanis.
        "Gee, we have a logical interest in finding out about 5th columnists who kill or plan to our young men and women. " I didn't understand this one.

        • Dear Jenn:

          I am not surprised that you did not understand my post …. you appear to be one of those whose view is either black or white, me and mine are good and you bad!

          I, on the other hand, suspect all people in politics.

          You didn't understand that it is the implicit duty of CSIS to gather foreign intelligence? Yet you hold that "What ever is CSIS doing there? Goodness, I am so surprised!"

          If you weren't such a naive sheeple, I would laugh at you, but I truly do weep for humanity at your ability to follow only the party line.

          God help us all from intellects like yours. Please, by all means, vote against me, again and again and again … it'll make you feel better.

          • Seriously? I think you have me confused with someone else. I am all about the greys. Naturally, I think my opinion is spot on, but then what kind of person comes up with an opinion they, themselves, think is wrong? And they are all my opinions, thought up by me alone. I've got TONS of them!

            And yes, of course I knew that CSIS was gathering intelligence in Afghanistan. What I didn't realize is that they were doing the interrogation of detainees instead of the military forces. I don't think that is either a bad thing or a good thing, it is just a thing. However, it does open a question on CSIS's rules and regulations vis a vis prisoner transfers which I have absolutely zero knowledge on (unlike the military, where at least I have some small inkling). They could be the same rules and regulations, I simply don't know.

            Hey, and are you running for public office?

  6. Conservatives seem confused that the Official Opposition welcomes full disclosure on the Afghan file, even though the Liberals were in charge until January 2006. But the simple truth is that, prior to December 2005, questions of torture were not as pressing because Canadian forces were in Kabul as part of ISAF. The most significant foray in the direction of torture was the disastrous prisoner agreement authored by General Hillier. So the Liberals have very little to hide, as compared with Harper and company. The government's reluctance to release the redacted documents is therefore aimed primarily at protecting their own skins. Shame on the Conservatives – as usual.

      • Wow, your own blog entry! You sure know how to cite to authority!


    • Perhaps wellwell, they are interested in protecting the lives of our Canadian troops who are still there. Apparently you are not …. I guess you like to encourage those who want to drive us out so they can go back to throwing acid in school girls faces and stone woman who have been raped and ….. well, you know, so forth and so on.

      Our Liberals are playing well in Afghan insurgent propaganda ….. Check the coverage the Liberals got on Al Jazeera. The message is that we do not have the balls to fight back and that message costs young Canadians their lives.

      The reason that questions of torture were not pressed by the Official Opposition before 2006 is that we understood that such questions would cost Canadian lives.

      The Liberal government was content to turn over our prisoners to the United State where the liberal government knew they were being tortured.

      We tortured no one and we have and had no Imperial ambitions in Afghanistan so we turned prisoners over to the civil authority of the country we were there to assist..

      Somehow, I suspect that you liberals would like to have us fast track the captured suspected insurgents into Canada as immigrants like you did with some former insurgents in other areas of conflict.

      Please, if I am wrong, tell me what you would have done?

      • Lawrence, you claim to be protecting our soldiers. But what are they fighting for? Democracy and human rights aren't furthered by subverting them at home. We're leaving Afghanistan next year. But if you're saying that we can't have any serious debate about important public policy in the meantime, then we should bring our troops home now.

        I'm being charitable here by not highlighting the dubious appeals to patriotism that are invoked at every opportunity by our government.

      • "The reason that questions of torture were not pressed by the Official Opposition before 2006 is that we understood that such questions would cost Canadian lives"

        Even if this were true it would still be a failure of duty, a duty to ensure nobody is tortured in the name of Canadians. The real risk to Canadian lives over there is the undermining of our stated policy ; a policy designed to win hearts and minds. Complicity in torture, if true, does exactly the opposite…ask any of our soldiers.

        • Good man. I trust those same men are in Afghnistan.

        • kcm …. perhaps you should picket the US embassy … Young Canadian Omar Khadr was tortured by the Americans and the Liberal government of the time did not request his repatriation from the United States of Torture. Was that a failure of duty? An 11 year old Canadian boy, Noah Kirkland, is being held captive by Oregon state right now, mostly in a drugged up state …. is that a failure of duty.

          Do you think that the Afghans give one sweet _____ about Canadians and our name? We're the infidels over there to be used to protect the fortunes being made in sales of the resin of the heroin poppy. You will never win the hearts and minds of the majority of Afghans …. you are a kafir there …. do you not understand that. Our "hearts and minds" campaigns have alienated more and more of the population because they think we are changing their culture and they are becoming more and more resistant to the invaders (the invaders – that's us … get that through your head).

          Man, I'm really wasting my time here … we will leave Afghanistan to the Americans in 2011 and they will undue any good will we may have created.

          At the end of the day we will leave them to their centuries old internecine warfare and we will have created a bunch more refugees you will have to pay taxes for, for many years to come.

          Our very way of life is a threat to them and the majority resents the hell out of us.

          Since 2001 we have been complicit in the torture of hundreds of Canadians whom electrical current shock treatment have been used on …. 26 of them unto their deaths. Yet no one here seems to think a duty exists for us to object to the use of such a torture devise upon our own citizens (and one Polish and one French guy, of course) … most certainly not the most of you posting here.

          Do we have a duty to integrate our native peoples and end apartheid in Canada. Jezz … we failed to do that in the last 250 years and they mostly, share our religions!

          Bring our boys and girls home …. we are the invaders there!

          • "We're the infidels over there to be used to protect the fortunes being made in sales of the resin of the heroin poppy."

            The poppy/drug sales problem could be easily fixed. Poppies are used in the making of painkillers and other than buying from Turkey, NATO members could buy them from the Afghan while helping them improve the land where they grew grapes before the Taliban came in, it was a vineyard country. By buying their crops the Afghan people would make money legally instead of growing poppy on fear of death by the Taliban and we would get poppies for our medical needs. The Afghan would be able to do more with that money coming in and would rise from the poverty most of them are living in.

    • For your info the weak agreement signed by Gen. Hillier was not authored by the Gen. but by the Canadian Foreign Office and the Afghan Gov. Gen. Hiller was on the request by the Afghan Authority asked to sign on behalf of the Canadian Gov. most likely because the Afghans had more confidence in the General than our Politicians in Ottawa.
      The liberals might not have to much to hide with the exception of the prisoners turned over to the Americans until the above agreement was signed and the full knowledge that Afghanistan in general tortures its prisoners.
      Shame on the Liberals. At least the Conservatives changed and improved the agreement and the general situation of the prisoners – although somewhat slow – as usual for any government.

      • Release the unredacted documents! Then we'll know the entire timeline, deleted1664256, or at least we'll know whether a further inquiry is needed. Until then, you're comments are pointless.

  7. Quelle surprise. This is so unlike CSIS… (Arar, Almalki, Abou-Elmaati, Nureddin, etc.etc. )

    • LOL, all events while the Liberals were in power Eugene.

      • He was commenting on CSIS.

      • Okay! Now we're getting somewhere. So, this isn't a Conservative thing. This is a chance to bash the Liberals! So, are you up for investigating these allegations?

    • By all means, disband CSIS and give it back to the RCMP …. why they know how to torture legally and properly and we gave them Tasers. Oh sorry ……. it was not us who gave them tasers, it was Mr. Ujjal Dosanjh who first allowed electrical torture devices to be used against Canadians by the RCMP and he is now an important one of yours.

      Yep, bring our boys and girls home, then fight it out when you form the next government, I'm truly sick of you all especially because almost every civil servant involved in this was a liberal appointment.

      • Why, we ought to have a public inquiry then! I don't understand why you are against the idea?

        Personally, I'm against the idea because public inquiries cost a lot of money and often are structured so as not to get to the heart of the matter. But I hear the MPCC is once again on the case, so how about we stop putting roadblocks in their way, give them full and unfettered access to all information (they of the highest security clearance and all) and let them get on with it?

      • Dosanhj is a man who was beaten within an inch of his life because he refused to bow to poltical and sectarian intimidation you ignorant clown.

        • Please build a statue to Mr. Dosanhj if you wish … we have 26 people in Canada who are actually dead because of what he, in his own flawed personal judgement, allowed to be started right here in Canada …. The hight of hypocrisy was achieved by Mr. Dosanhi in his complaining in the House that electrical torture was used Afghan on Afghan.

          Gee, kcm, I have played Santa for disadvantaged children for more then 10 years on a volunteer basis but I never played the part of the intimidating bully clown that you do in your posts. What to come over and beat me up too? I live in Calgary and I'm an old man who uses his real name because I believe that we can have a disagreement and still be civil. You the type who attacked Dosanhj? …. It's a CHARACTER issue boy.

          Man you gotta love committed liberals, or should that be liberals who should be committed?

          Sure son, you just keep on giving your aid and comfort to the enemy, they need people like you!

          I love this, Canadian Liberals for an American pipeline company …. HaHaHaHa …. Oh Man! You must live in Toronto! HaHa HaHa …..

          • How can you blame him for introducing tazers? Does he have 2020 hindsight? have you checked, maybe he regrets the decision too? But it's hardly his fault.

            Hey you make these outrageous assertions then cry when yo get called on them. But you're wrong, i take no pleasure in bullying anyone, much less an old man. Now i do feel bad, but my point holds. You dish it out here, you have to be prepared to take it.

          • Equipping people with tasers is not the same as authorizing their misuse. Were it not for you advanced age, I would have harsh words for your lack of clear thinking on this and several other issues.

          • Who's out there protecting the tazer industry now? Some former head-waiter to Harper. When Liberals discovered what may have happened to Arar was happening, they started to try to get him back. Larry, what did Harper say then? It appears to be he has never answered for those dangerous and trumped up (read 'words written by the CIA for propaganda purposes') charges he refused to repeat out of the house of commons. Yep, the Liberals made mistakes but I see much less avoidance and deception to save their carcasses compared to what harper and his band of immoral incompetents are wrapped up with.
            Get the whole thing out in the open. But i'm certain your ag'in it if Harper says it shouldn't be seen.
            The butter that wouldn't melt in his mouth is rancid, and has been ever since he took the leadership — not withstanding trying to bribe a dying MP.

  8. "Are they going to some swanky hotel? "

    A travel lodge actually.

  9. " spiralled out of control in 2006"

    Describes the Gnu Conservative Government's takeover of the direction in Afghanistan to a T. That' s when we heard about "scumbags" from one of our own. Generals that is.

  10. I know I'm just going to encourage the partisan loons lurking hereabout, but here goes….

    If any Canadian government, minister, PM, PMO, bureaucrat, CSIS or DND functionary conducted, ignored, condoned or encouraged torture, then the full weight of the Canadian and world court justice systems need to be turned relentlessly against their asses. No stinkin' Liberal or fetid Conservative will ever torture in this Canadian's name.

    The sooner we know what happened and who was involved, the sooner we get our government back.

      • Thanks for that vague, portentous warning. I guess we're supposed to be afraid now.

  11. In case some have forgotten, the Libs voted FOR the NDP motion, that was passed by the House, saying "That, in the opinion of the House, the government should, in accordance with Part I of the Inquiries Act, call a Public Inquiry into the transfer of detainees in Canadian custody to Afghan authorities from 2001 to 2009." You all note the dates, 2001-2009, so including Libs' period until 2006, right? So respect Parliament, release the docs to the committee and call an inquiry, we're all agreed then? http://www2.parl.gc.ca/HousePublications/Publicat

    • sadly EFL, the supporters of a party whisked to power on a promise of a return to accountability and transparency no longer have any idea what the very words mean. they seem to be intent of being fodder for Acton's old adage:

      "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men."

    • Dear Mr. Forsey:

      All of you are dangerous to the health and well being of the average Canadian … your stupid partisan positioning puts us and our children and our grandchildren at risk.

      Respect Parliament …. You're f'ing kidding. Every politician I ever knew, supported and respected left Parliament disillusioned by your petty partisan bickering and your party control of the members (by all the parties).

      Only on rare occasions has the House ever done anything for the sole purpose of the good of the country.

      And you Liberals with your "we're the natural ruling party" —- get it through your simple little partisan mind that I do not want to be "ruled" by anyone!

      At least Harper, a**hole that he is, doesn't give us that "divine right of kings" f''ing garbage.

      I spend a lot of my time trying to undue some of the harm successive governments have done to their own people right here in river city and I do not give a sh*t about some Afghan smacking around some Arab or tribal jihadist in Afghanistan.

      I deeply care that United States police and military (US Coast Guard is Military you know) will be given police powers in Canada (C-60 …. last session – read that one would you).

      Maybe if you held hearings on that issue, and a thousand other issues like it, most of us would support your stupid divisive party back into power …. oh, I forgot, I cannot vote for you or for anyone else because I have no government issued photo ID (but you don't care about that, do you Mr. Forsey … you only care about making Harper look bad and f**k the 3-1/2 million Canadians who were disenfranchised by voter ID laws WITH your parties co-operation!

      Oh, thanks for using your own name …. it's refreshing to see the odd person accepting responsibility for their postings.

      http://eugeneforseyliberal.blogspot.com/ If Harper is illegitimate …. where is your NRP's non-confidence motion?

      A pox on ALL your houses! … So burlivespipe, do you understand me a little bit more now? HaHaHa Awww HaHaHa

  12. You're a guy ?

    Dude this simplistic black and white understanding means you hate Harper.

    Why do you want to step on butterflies/let Afghan children die ?

  13. Sounds like nervous talking points stuffed with mischevious lies suggests trouble in CON town. Guess Lawrence and biff will be asked to uncork the 'coalition' defence before the sun comes up…

  14. Wow. Congratulations, Lawrence! I mean that sincerely. Way to go!

    Tomorrow is a relatively easy day for me. I shall go to work, then I shall come home and begin to fulfill the commitments I made tonight to a certain political party. I just became involved in said political party because I realized I wasn't having an effect as a one-woman voice. We shall see if my voice becomes any stronger when it is shared with others.

    I have never been called an evangelist before. I think I prefer ideallist.

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