Dalton McGuinty to recalibrate in record time


The Ontario legislature will be prorogued over the first weekend in March, without eliminating a single sitting day.


Dalton McGuinty to recalibrate in record time

  1. I’m waiting for the dogpile. Dalton doesn’t have a Senate to worry about? Yeah, maybe that’s it.

  2. Dalton isnt an insecure control freak who is afraid to face parliament. I am not a big McGuinty fan but he is definitely better than Stevie.

  3. Why does Dalton hate democracy?

  4. Sure, but will we get to watch Canada win any Olympic medals while while the Premier's on his weekend off? No. Not a single one. Why is he proroguing when there's nothing fun for our MPPs to do?!?!?

    More importantly, why does McGuinty hate our Olympians?

    And kittens. Does anyone know if he still eats kittens?

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