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Dalton McGuinty’s mom has spoken


Apparently the Prime Minister’s latest prorogation is making life difficult for the Premier of Ontario.

“One of the challenges that we have now politically is that prorogation has become a bad thing,” he told reporters. “My mother is now aware of what a prorogation is and she thinks prorogations are bad.”


Dalton McGuinty’s mom has spoken

  1. Just you wait … with all the photo-ops Harper has planned for the Olympics, he'll bounce two dozen points in the polls by March 1, and then roar his way to a super-majority of 250 seats in Parliament.

    Besides, Harper can always cut a deal with Jack Layton and put off any confidence vote until his numbers improve.

    • Because we haven't had enough photo-ops of Harper in the last few years.

      I am 'diva' hear me roar.

    • The last leader's fan club who boasted about getting 250 seats was Paul Martin's.

  2. "The Ontario Legislature has adjourned until February 16, 2010"

    I went to Queens Park website to see if Ont MPPs are back to work yet and this was the message. Whether Parliament is adjourned, or prorogued, it still means MP/Ps still do very little work for the large salaries we pay. McGuinty apparently wants to watch olympics as well so he's thinking of extending their already long Christmas break.

    The only reason there were would be backlash against McGuinty is that MPPs are already fairly idle, they don't need even more time off and it's fortunate that CP does not mention how long they have been off work already.

    • Is he ignoring a Parliamentary subpoena too? Has he been shutting down oversight committees, ignoring independent oversight and accountability bodies and firing independent oversight civil servants too? Did he abandon over half his legislative agenda to avoid some tough accountability questions as well? Has he made it impossible to re-convene Parliament for emergency legislation or emergency funding? Wow. I didn't know that. If that's the case, then what McGuinty is doing is really like what Harper has done.

      • "Wow. I didn't know that. If that's the case, then what McGuinty is doing is really like what Harper has done."

        You are arguing with yourself, Ted, because I did not mention Harper or Cons or McGuinty = Harper.

        All I said is that people don't like how idle our MP/Ps are compared to the rest of workforce.

        • Didn't mean that to sound like I was picking on you jolyon. Just anticipating comments and thought I'd get my two cent snark in early.

    • MPPs are not idle they just aren't debating and voting on legislation. There are still some select committees meeting and MPPs continue to do constinuency work. Let's try not be too dramatic.

    • Jackass. Most of the work isn't in the Legislature and all MPPs are at work.

  3. Dalton: "My mother…she isn't quite herself today."

  4. The Ontario legislature always takes a long break at Christmas time. It's not a big deal. All the major pieces of legislation have been passed. It actually makes sense to prorogue because a throne speech would give the government an opportunity to spell out their agenda for the rest of their mandate.

    • The Canadian Parliament always takes a long break at Christmas time. It`s not a big deal. All the major pieces of legislation have been passed. It actually makes sense to prorogue because a throne speech would give the government an opportunity to spell out their agenda for the rest of their mandate.

      • Are you mocking my post because you believe that prorogation is bad under any circumstance? I think it would be unfortunate if people labelled McGuinty's decision to prorogue as undemocratic. The Ontario Legislature is still going to come back on February 16th…committees have still been able to meet over the break…and the government doesn't have any major pieces of legislation on the order paper (unlike the federal government – crime bills, free trade agreements etc.).

        • Pete, McGuinty didn't prorogue. They're just not sitting. And the difference is the bills don't die, the committee's aren't killed, etc.

          And yes, that example does make it that much harder to believe Harper when he says he prorogued in order to have the time to recalibrate, since he could have just changed the sitting dates without killing the bills, the committees, etc.

      • " All the major pieces of legislation have been passed."

        Um, really????

        • No time to reply now ted. At this very moment anti-prorogation rallies are being organized in Palmerston and Lucan and Stroud and we`re expecting all the major news outlets. Do you have any spare signs we can borrow ?

        • he has NO shame

  5. Oh my Gawd! Their huge salaries eh? Well, compared to their Federal counterparts, Ontario MPPs are positively poor. And lets not forget, they DO NOT get pensions…but the Federal Members do. So that they shut down, as usual, for the winter break does not bother me…after all, it's not like they are shut down in order to not have to stand accountable for anything….right Mr. Harper?

    • Really? MPPs don't get any pension at all? How'd we do that?

  6. Well, it's McGuinty's prerogative, but even the idea that his new ministers need time to be fully briefed and up to speed as a reason to adjourn an additional two weeks is pretty lame.

    It would't be a scandal, really. But it would be lame – and, as he himself knows full well, ill-timed.

    • Prorogative, surely?

  7. Yeah, I like David better too Mrs. McGuinty.

    • You obviously have not met my MP David

  8. Dalton, Dalton, Dalton…

    You're a Liberal, man. It's all good. One day of bad press and it'll all be over. You survived eHealth and OLG and most of the media didn't say a word. You think they'll even bother with this?

    • Provincial news rarely, if ever, has the same platform (and resulting awareness levels) as national news. Shame, really, considering the above.

    • The Media didn't say a word about E-Health? What a load of crap. The Harris conservatives got a fraction of the grief from a similar problem they had in the justice department.

  9. Prorogation was obviously only meant to be used by Liberals. If a Conservative uses it, it's anti-democractic. When it's a Liberal, we get puff pieces about how the Premiers mother doesn't think it's a good idea. Where are the rallies? Where's the Facebook outrage? But no no, Dalton's reasons are pure and just, while Harper's are a threat to our very existence. And people wonder why nobody reads the MSM anymore.

    • agreed!

  10. The issue isn't whether Parliament is "idle" or not. The issue is that in a minority parliament, Harper used a prorogation to avoid the consequences of a majority vote of the House, and avoid the legitimate scrutiny and oversight of a parliamentary committee.

    Babbling about "vacations" and "time from work" oversimplifies the issue, and plays into the hands of the PMO talking points types who want us to hold Harper to the lower democratic standard we hold every other government, instead of the higher standard he promised to represent.

  11. Using his mother as a communications misdirection is one of the oldest tricks in McGuinty's bag.

    And Wherry went for it like a 10-pound steak.

  12. To Mrs McGuinty,
    (The Premier`s mom)

    Are you aware of BSL?
    Can you explain why it`s wrong to your son?

    There`s a 75 year old citizen in Brampton,Ontario who would really appreciate your assistance in getting through to him.