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Daughter of Ahmadinejad’s spin doctor flees Iran


Nargess Kalhor has applied for asylum in Germany. Potkin Azarmehr has the story.


Daughter of Ahmadinejad’s spin doctor flees Iran

  1. "As one of the employees of the Islamic Centre in London quietly told me, the Green Movement has penetrated every layer of the Iranian society, its not a question of if the Green Movement wins, its just a question of when."

    Michael Do you have an opinion on Azarmehr's final thought? I sure hope it is true because I think Middle East, at least, would be transformed if Iranians could topple the mad mullahs.

    • For what it's worth, I think one of the most noteworthy developments in Iran over the last four months is the extent to which former members of Iran's political and religious establishment have sided with the opposition. This is didn't happen in 1999. I touch on that theme, and the corresponding rise of the Revolutionary Guards, here:


      • Thanks, Michael. Have not read your article yet in magazine. It looks interesting and will read it during lunch. I always get a bit excited/heady when there is potential for citizens to overthrow their oppressors.

        There were some odd comments with your column from non-regular commentators. I wonder how they arrived at your article.

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