David Keene on the 2012 GOP race, oil sands, border security and Donald Trump


On the heels of the massive Conservative Political Action Conference, that just took place in Washington, I’ll have an interview with David Keene, outgoing chairman of the American Conservative Union, on tonight’s PrimeTime Politics show on CPAC. We’ll talk about the state of the US conservative movement, the 2012 GOP presidential field, the fallout from his decision to let in a gay rights group into the conference, and other topics including oil sands and border security.

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David Keene on the 2012 GOP race, oil sands, border security and Donald Trump

  1. CPAC on CPAC… I like that!

  2. President The Donald is kind of awkward….also the fact he doesn't shake hands.

    But then the other choices involve a Mormon, a Newt and Caribou Barbie.

  3. Most unPC thou art. You should bow your head in contrition before THE HRC gets you.

    • Luiza is American….like you.

  4. Like Sarah Palin (I have consistently predicted that she will not run), a Donald Trump presidential campaign would be nothing more than a publicity stunt. Of course it is one that journalists will surely pay lots of attention to, perhaps in deference to candidate with a real shot at winning (eg. Mitt Romney) or folks with interesting policy proposals (eg. Mitch Daniels).

    Here is the result of a recent UNH poll of Republican New Hampshire primary voters
    Romney: 40%
    Giuliani: 10%
    Pawlenty: 7%
    Huckabee: 7%
    Gingrich: 6%
    Palin: 6%

    Now, I don't put much stock in polls this far from the primary, for the simple reason that new candidates often come out of the woodwork and gain support as they gain recognition. Obama, Huckabee, Dean and McCain (in 2000) are good recent examples of this at work. Hillary Clinton, Joe Lieberman, Rudy Giuliani and Fred Thompson are all good examples of how name recognition can give somebody very thin, but wide support that evaporates when the chips are down.

    Palin (and Giuliani, Gingrich, Romney and Huckabee for that matter) has virtually universal name recognition among Republicans. It is one thing to come from behind as a dark horse, but another altogether when you are a known commodity. GOP primary voters have a net negative impression of Palin, and things get even worse when you consider the primary calendar (South Carolina is the first state that would be a fit for her, and even then she is likely to be upstaged by a southerner like Barbour or Huckabee). The only upside of a Donald Trump is that it might prevent Palin from coming in last.

    • Keene cited Romney and Daniels as the two top contenders to watch. But he said it's unpredictable. I agree. Few people would have predicted McCain in 2008 — he looked down and out and was almost nobody's first choice. As for Trump, Keene called him a "celebrity and an entertainer."

      @Emily — I'm Canadian, but I live in the US.

  5. How many representatives of our Neocons were there to recruit more "talent" for the Dear Leader's party and to gather more great ideas on how to beat the USA in a race to the bottom?

    Let's see: AntiGay, Anti-poor, Anti-unemployed, Anti-Women's Rights, Anti-Healthcare, Anti-Muslim, Anti-Government,

    Pro-War, Pro-God,God,God , Pro-?

    Gee, when Canada grows up, let's hope we're just like them.

  6. Who gives a crap about donald trump? ..Its about Dr.Ron Paul 2012.

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