Dear Michael Moore: Leave Canada alone

The provocateur is still doing what he does best: weighing in on his nation’s big backyard


Remember when Michael Moore was cool? That’s right: So was Coldplay. And the Leafs still made the playoffs. Oh how times have changed.

Not Moore though…

In perfect American fashion—the kind of cocky, stick your nose in everyone else’s business and weigh in on cultures and subjects you don’t know or understand kind of fashion—(hey isn’t that the kind of thing Moore hates so much?) the lefty provocateur/Twinkie connoisseur is still doing what he does best: weighing in on his nation’s big backyard: Canada, a country in which, apparently, we never lock our doors…

However, something tells me people in Montreal are probably locking their doors these days, what with the violent protest/smoke bomb trend enveloping their city. Of course Moore has something to say about that as well: “Canadians are in revolt in Quebec over new gov’t law limiting democratic rights,” he tweeted over the weekend. “Their uprising is inspiring”. So is compromise: unfortunately, a doubtful outcome when uninformed celebrities egg on violent jerks as well as peaceful protesters.

Soon he’ll tell us all (again) to “bring out our inner hockey stick”. Or offer jobs to our young dissenters. Or commend us on our gentle nature: “Canadian people have a good heart and are a peaceful people.”

Thank you for the compliments Mr. Moore. Now please go back to America and lock your door.


Dear Michael Moore: Leave Canada alone

  1. Never mind him, I just heard a pretty blistering piece from the New York times on CBC, about our current Democracy in Action in Montreal. How dare Americans talk about us!

    • Yeah! It’s not like we spend time obsessing over or criticizing their… never mind!

    • Check your facts : NY Times piece was an opened letter written by 2 Université de Montréal professors.

      • I responded to this hours earlier but it doesn’t show – Disqus, you and I are on thin ice as it is, you are already making me re-register on every comment, you might want to meet me, at least, halfway.
        To Daniel, I missed who wrote the NYT editorial, I incorrectly assumed it was written by an American, you are right it was written by two professors employed by a Canadian university, their citizenship is unclear.

  2. NOW you decide to critique a film made in 2002?

  3. You might have to throw in some anti-women sentiments if you want to get 100+ hits again.

    • She lost the Ford Nation on the twinkie ‘joke’

      • Hahaha, good one Jan.

  4. Only RO-Canadians have a right to comment on Quebec culture (or lack thereof) in an uninformed, condescending manner, con sarn it.

    • I’ve stopped commenting and just continued shaking my head in disbelief.

  5. Moore will do anything to try to stay relevant. Watching him at the Occupy railing against the 1% (of which he is a member) was far too hilarious. Unfortunately, the lefty media is all too happy to help him stay relevant.

    • What’s Rack Nine doing, meddling in open dissent in Quebec?
      Thought you were more furtive,

      • I am Pierre Poutine!!

  6. I totally agree, why should someone care about other societies well being?? Why can’t he be a self-centered media consuming moron like everyone else? I mean, so what if the police are arresting, beating and running over people whose basic human rights are being stripped and are being beaten even though they are unarmed by riot police with batons, pepper spray and rubber bullets? Also, who cares if 300, 000 people got together to stand in solidarity for the 100th day of striking towards a fight for fundamental democracy…like, what’s the big deal right? We all just need to get back to watching Kim Kardashian and hearing what she has to say about how she lost weight than support American’s like Moore who are aware of these issues and are in solidarity with democracy and class equality….over and out.

    • Thank-you!

  7. I believe Tom Flanagan is a native of that benighted land (whodathunk !).
    Yet there seem to be a number of people who think his views are worthy
    of attention.. he does make terrible films.

    • I didn’t know Flanagan made films.

      • What does that have to do with this.?

    • To be fair, unlike Moose, he does live here. On the other hand, being in the US does not automatically disqualify one from offering up commentary and interpretation on Canadian goings-on. They may lack a certain frame of reference, but sometimes being distant lends a perspective that those within lack.

      • Moore, not Moose.

  8. “(…)the kind of cocky, stick your nose in everyone else’s business and weigh in on cultures and subjects you don’t know or understand (…)”

    You DO realize this sentence applies to almost every canadian journalist or pundit (yourself included) that writes about Quebec, right?

  9. or alternately he could blow himself up with dyno strapped to chest. a la south parks – team america. probably the most spot on assessment of the world — composed of d;@ks, p@&sys, and as!@#h#les. of which mr. moore is clearly the 2nd.

    i live in mtl. so, am living with delays, loss of business, noise and self-righteous cries ad nauseum. the simple fact is the majority dont agree with the protests here, so a fair bit of bullying is going on by students.

  10. Sadly, have to agree here. Even though I like Michael Moore’s films & think he highlites important problems in the U.S., I wish he would stop commenting on Cdn issues. His understanding of the nuances of Cdn politics, etc leaves something to be desired. He views our problems through the lens of his own countries problems & in many cases there is no easy comparison.

    • I’d like to think that the border doesn’t shut out ideas – and the benefit of ideas is that they encourage thought and dialogue, and I never think that’s a bad idea.I am curious to know why the author is threatened by Moore. As a Canadian who protested in the late sixties, I like to think we had a small influence on ending that mistake.

  11. I don’t lock my door. These days, I almost feel safer around a group of Black Bloc than a group of riot polices. At least, you know the Black Bloc won’t charge at you and pepper spray you for no reason.

    I don’t mind foreigners commenting on Canadian Politics. It’s good to have a point of view from the outside.

    • Hear, hear. When a small town police chief is cruising the internet for kids, it’s the cops I’m really starting to worry about.

  12. Am I missing something? This film was released years ago…why is she commenting on it now?

    • Yes this is from Bowling for Columbine, which was made like 10 years ago. Seriously, 2002, I’m sure.

    • It probably would have been a good thing for her to link to Moore’s (few) tweets of admiration and moral support for the protesting students. It doesn’t really seem like much to get worked up about, however. I mean, I don’t personally support their actions or demands and I don’t particularly like the governmental reaction, but Moore’s three tweets don’t really amount to much. We also can’t get too excited about Moore’s opinions considering that we’re not particularly shy about commenting on US politics. Furthermore, it’s not as if being resident in a certain place gives you an automatic greater quality of analysis on things that take place there.

  13. Who is this undergrad, and how did she get a job writing?

    • Yeah, she should be out protesting or something!

  14. The uprising is inspiring, thank heavens for those Quebec youth who seem to see the big picture. Education is likely the smartest of possible societal investments; in simple dollar terms the lifetime return of an educated citizen far outweighs any upfront cost but added cultural returns are huge. I only hope students in other Canadian Universities will follow suit; if the Canadian Government can afford to spend billions in unwarranted aircraft, it can certainly afford to invest in our children. Maybe you prefer the Mississippi educational model or better yet, an uneducated workforce in a technological world …..

    • Hmmm… must have missed the articles in the past weeks showing stats. that university attendance and graduation is 10% less in Quebec compared to other provinces???

    • I agree with you that education is important. And keeping it accessible is important.

      The thing is, the protests in Montreal haven’t been about tuition for months; even when they were about tuition only about 30% of students were protesting; and, most importantly, the government has already pretty much capitulated on EVERYTHING vis a vis tuition, but the students kept right on protesting when they decided that Charest wasn’t contrite enough when making the announcement that the students had won completely.

      If this is really still about tuition rates, someone should asked the young protesters if they’re seriously SOOOO angered still at the notion that tuition rates may go up a little bit in Quebec for students who’s parents make 6 figures or more.

  15. Dear Emma Teitel: leave well enough alone.

  16. Damn…you are so out of it !!! Nobody here except hardcore rednecks are against the revolution that is on the way here. Actually Michael Moore would use this situation to “be cool again” !!! Howcome the ROC doesn’t join us ?? Harper is a bad guy with bad spirit and bad ideas and he his destroying what use to be Canada. There is no war going on here: just plain common sense !

    Francis from Quebec

  17. The only interest Fat Boy has in Quebec is how many poutines he can stick into his big mouth at the same time

  18. I grew up in Toronto and my parents never locked our front door. They probably still don’t.

  19. This has to be written by someone very far from Montreal. Ms. Page you should keep from writting about things you know nothing about. Entire families are in the streets. It’s nothing of the violence you talk about except for a few incidences