Death Leads to Sitcom Rediscovery -

Death Leads to Sitcom Rediscovery


After Gaddafi died, everyone started circulating this clip from the 1987 flop sitcom Second Chance, where Gaddafi dies in 2011 (though they got the date wrong). All I could really think about while watching it is that Fox sure had some weird ideas for TV shows in its early days, and this – about a guy sent back to Earth to help his teenage self become a better person – was actually one of their less crazy outings. The Wikipedia article goes into quite a lot of detail about how the show was completely re-tooled in mid-run to drop the supernatural stuff. Little did the creators (who then went on to take over Family Matters and retool that into a quasi-supernatural show) realize that the fantasy element would be their only claim to fame.

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Death Leads to Sitcom Rediscovery

  1. Creepy…

  2. That’s why the sitcom ‘Second Chance’ was cancelled. I saved history!
    No seriously, imagine if Second Chance had become a massive hit. History could have been changed for the worse, no smelly cat.

  3. There was this great spoof commercial about Kadhaffi done on Saturday Night Live a number of years ago (I’m talking 70s or 80s).  It was done on film rather than video and was hilarious.  I remember the line “Friend to the Third World” with a Kadhaffi sweeping into a conference room and clapping his hands on the shoulders of a couple of leaders from “third world” countries.

    I can’t find a clip of it anywhere and of course SNL doesn’t allow anything on YouTube.

    Anybody know the spoof I’m talking about and how to find a copy on line?