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“Death to dictatorship”


The Iran Human Rights Documentation Center has published a comprehensive report on Iran’s rigged presidential election and the violent suppression of dissent in its aftermath.


“Death to dictatorship”

  1. Hmmm, my suspicions were raised when you reported as fact that the Iranian election was rigged. Ahmadinejad, unlike Obama, was at least elected by verifiable paper ballots.

    The IHRDC is hardly an objective organization; oddly,they are sort of a reverse Rights and Democracy, having their funding pulled by the Obama administration in a move viewed as moving away from neo-con foreign policy. In light of this I'm not surprised that they are calling foul; that's what every Tom Dick and Mohammed does after third world elections, especially ones on the neo-con payroll as, I believe, IHRDC was. IHRDC was accused of meeting Iranian revolutionaries and training them, as if America doen't already have enough of a history of meddling with democratically elected governments in Iran. Personally, I think we have enough human rights violations happening right here in Canada that we should focus on before scolding and interfering with foreign states, and in a world of open borders, I'm not sure there is such a thing as a dictatorship, if you don't like it you have the option to leave.

    • Tell that to Nada Soltan's family. If you think the Iranian election wasn't rigged, well, you must have a vested interest in the current corrupt regime.

      • It's our meth friend concern trolling.

  2. Very impressive documentation and organisation of everything. Kudos to the journalists and activists who are the poets of the new revolution.

  3. Good report. Truly awful what happened here.

    I wish the report had also covered the impact of the condemnations (or lack thereof) from Western nations other than Britain's involvement.

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