Deleted scenes (IV) -

Deleted scenes (IV)


The assessment and advice of a Conservative strategist that didn’t make it into the final version of the story.

Ignatieff and his team started off the wrong way; they drove up expectations about their man and his abilities. That was a recipe Paul Martin tried and failed with. If they keep it up I suspect he will harvest the same result.

Use this dip in the polls to your advantage. Moderate your language and work hard without playing to the “I am better than everyone” stereotype. Be guided by the old Chretien mantra – under promise and over deliver.

Come to understand that the way you feel about the PM is not the way the country feels about him. They don’t get their opponent and his relationship with the public. Until they figure that out they will continue to be bested by him.

Stop putting yourself in ridiculous situations. Don’t draw a line in the sand where the soil has already eroded and therefore look way out of your league.

Hire some people who can bust the leaders balls and be respected for it. Sychophants sink ships. Ask Paul Martin the ex-marine magnate about that.


Deleted scenes (IV)

  1. Who was this Conservative strategist?

  2. But that's good advice.

  3. If he wants to keep his job, he'll remain nameless.

    But I'm thinking this is another sign of some of the cracks that are within the Conservative party. Interesting for that alone, because you don't see them very often.

  4. Chantal Hebert said much the same thing in a column she wrote a few weeks back: Stop adoring the leader, stop hating Harper, too.

  5. Is Mr. Litigious capable of handing down his cunning plans in emotional registers other than Adoring or Hateful?

  6. For a 12 year-old. What kind of idiot recommends "busting balls" and expects to be taking seriously? And the assumption that how the country feels about Stephen Harper is just the type of delusion Conservatives labour under. That what a fringe of the electorate, even one that could see Harper get a majority, feels about Harper is synonymous with the entire is just really absurd.

    There is a case to be made that the Liberals haven't understood the dynamic that characterises public discourse in this country (loud, angry, ignorant people versus everyone else) , but there's nothing they can do to combat that until the mainstream media goes completely bankrupt. The Liberals certainly aren't going to take on the media itself. They will be *punished* for it.

  7. If it's Kinsella you're talking about, I'll just ad that it wasn't too long ago that he was awfully impressed with our current prime minister. Credibility isn't exactly the man's strong suit. Never really has been, has it? Which makes one wonder why Iggy keeps relying on the guy, especially given the fact that many think Iggy needs to start, well, gaining credibility for himself.

  8. That's pretty amusing really. I assume you use litigious in the sense of one being argumentative. There is however the more commonly used sense – law suit prone…i think i'll take argumentative over duplicitous any day.

  9. Are you completely ignorant of the number of lawsuits that Kinsella has been involved in in with political opponents of one stripe or another?

  10. No, I used it in the perfectly literal sense.

  11. The advice is good but the LPT will never take it – they can't – it isn't in their political DNA – Liberlas have always used fear and shmear campaigns and the endless search for ' The Narrative " as well as pseudo-scandals that will dove tail into " The Narrative " this is why they have only 77 seats and acoording to my seat projector and the amount of 3-ways out there if an election were held now they would lose 10 seats! – so sad – so bad!

  12. MI mayhave any number of reasons for not catching on with the public. However, there's no evidence that the public have a special relationship with SH either. He's done a remarkable job of keeping his constituency on board, but there's little evidence the public adore him.

  13. "But that's good advice. "

    For a 12 year-old. What kind of idiot recommends "busting balls" and expects to be taking seriously? And the assumption that how the country feels about Stephen Harper is just the type of delusion Conservatives labour under. That what a fringe of the electorate, even one that could see Harper get a majority, feels about Harper is synonymous with the entire is just really absurd.

  14. Is Kinsella a politician? Is he PM? I couldn't care less about kinsella. I never read him. I do however care when our PM initiates a libel suit merely to prevent a contenious issue coming up during an election. Interesting how Harper dropped the suit later, while managing to gag the liberal party.

  15. Arguementative presumably?

  16. Or are you talkng about Kinsella too?

  17. Sounds like Professor F.

  18. Policies!! He needs policies!!!!!!

    Isn't that painfully obvious?

    Does Macleans really need to interview several people to come to that simple one-word conclusion?

  19. Who said he was? Stop farting on these boards in the name of your political ideology. It just makes that ideology look indefensible. Seriously.

  20. "Hire some people who can bust the leaders balls and be respected for it"

    You will be able to knock me over with a feather if this ever happens. Libs don't have an ideology, other than big government is good, so there are no debates to be had as long as leader is proposing to increase taxes/regulations/government.

    Also, all Libs agree on how virtuous they are and it's everyone else's felt that we can't see how brilliant they are. Good luck trying to change that mindset.

    "Ignatieff and his team started off the wrong way …. If they keep it up I suspect he will harvest the same result."

    But I do wonder how many first chances the Conservative strategist thinks people get. I think it is far too late now for Iggy to try 'under promise and over deliver' gambit.

  21. I thought that as well, but really, these Conservative strategists all sound the same. They all talk in platitudes like "busting balls" and "drawing lines in sand on eroded ground" along with "upping one's game" and "playing chess when others are playing checkers" etc. etc. *barf* *puke* "retch retch retch*

    The only part i thought might be useful is "under promise and over deliver" but these are the same people who then turn around and scream about the Liberals not providing Canadians with alternatives.

  22. Wow, you really didn't like kcm bringing up Stephen Harper's noxious law suit, did you?

  23. Policies!! He needs policies!!!!!!"

    What policies does he need? Just *some*? Just for the hell of it?

    Harper needs policies too, since he threw out every one he ever had. The Liberals aren't interested in trying that dodge.

  24. "The advice is good"

    Which platitude was the best?

  25. What lawsuit are you two geniuses talking about? lol. Next.

  26. I don't think it's too late. I'm just wondering if Iggy and/or the people around him are capable of any sustainable self-criticism, or of giving Harper any credit for anything other than being a ruthless dictator type in their minds.

    That Iggy referred to the government as "these people" recently doesn't bode well, if you ask me.

  27. Alright then. I'll settle for more group hugs with toddlers. Then he'll get my vote.

  28. I agree that it does not appear liberals are very good at being critical of themselves at the moment, which is weird, because lefties usually love self criticism sessions. Maybe Iggy needs to implement re-education through labour program?

    I think it is too late for Iggy to attempt 'under promise and over deliver' strategy because we have been hearing for a while now how brilliant he is, how we are lucky to have such an egghead offer to be our overlord, Iggy can just pick up the phone and ring his mate Obama anytime he wants …. etc.

    How are the going to change strategy now? I am not sure – Support Ignatieff …. Not as intelligent as we lead you to believe! – is all that great a message.

  29. Why the one Stephen Harper launched to prevent the Liberals from talking about the In-and-Out scandal, which he dropped when public fury died down.

    Now *that* litigious.

  30. Foreigner has just made the strategists point.

  31. How about we ask Stephen Harper what he plans to do about the massive deficits?

    Of course we know the answer to that. He's not planning to be around when the bills come due.

  32. Lefties love self-criticism sessions? I must have missed that phenomenon. But maybe that term wasn't quite what I was getting at. Being brutally honest with oneself is more like it, and I think successful politicians of all stripes are capable of it to some degree. They have to be. Don't think Iggy's bunch is.

    But I still don't think it's too late. Yes, he needs to throw some intellectual admirers of his a bone or two. But he can also start being more measured in his attacks and in setting expectations. "Don't mess with me or I'll mess with you until I'm finished," or whatever his exact words were, doesn't exactly cut it in that regard, does it.

  33. "Sychophants sink ships. "

    That extra h is probably the culprit. Those things are heavy!

  34. That's not particularly litigious.

    The thin-skinned sort of guy who launches dozens of defamation suits at the drop of a hat? That's litigious.

  35. I was being flippant about self criticism, sorry.
    This is what I was talking about –

    I agree that real, honest self-criticism is vital to learning and fixing mistakes but I have no sense that Libs/libs are capable of it. Just to use Maclean's commentators as example, there are a few cons here who speak badly about Harper/Cons if they do something they don't like. When does that ever happen with Lib supporters? Other than occasional comment from Wascally Wabbit, liberals never take a shot at their Dear Leader.

    It must be awfully difficult for Lib leaders to ignore the Hallelujah Chorus treatment they always receive from their supporters and msm (I know, I repeat myself) and offer policies that are attractive to wide range of Canadians.

  36. You just don't understand Keynsian economics. You have to spend a lot of money to revive the economy (even though economic undercapacity has nothing to do with the current state of the economy) and it doesn't matter what you spend it on!

    Seriously though, if Harper doesn't get the deficit under control, the base will desert him.

  37. Df The last thing i am is an idealogue. You brought up Kinsella, i ws talking about Harper's libel suit against Dion.
    f you don't actually want to debare any thing i have to say don't comment. It's not your boards, – So piss off!

  38. They can't criticize themselves. They consider themselves the vanguard of the progressive future. If they criticize themselves and their sense of their place in history, where do they have to go? It is why the Colbert Report and the Daily Show are boring these days.

    I have to say though, that we conservatives are getting too attached to our conservatism. We often think in the same terms of cosmic struggle, and aren't critical enough about ourselves and what we are doing. We should keep in mind G.K. Chesterton when he said that "to be conservative is to leave things a torrent of change." We should always respect the liberty of the individual, and not seek to create a ideological hegemony other than the idea that we shouldn't have an ideological hegemony.

  39. Which is why Ignatieff should propose to tackle the deficit in half the time – put some real pressure on Harper – but he wont.

  40. I was going to make a smart ass rejoinder to DF and Joylon's smug little cons are so self-critical chit chat. But i see your last paragraph pretty much covers it. There are pleny of libs as well as cons who don't like to be put in an idealogical box. Just as there are cheer leaders and critics alike from both con and lib camps on these blogs.

  41. That IS DF debating what you have to say.

  42. No I didn't. But you made one of mine.

  43. I have no idea why. I guess they all believe in Keynes. Even though the Liberal government brought us out of recession by reducing government spending and stealing the Reform Party's platform. The deficit was tamed and people had confidence that Canada had a secure economy and a responsible solvent government again.

    Sure the price of resources going up helped a lot, but you have to spend the money in the right place.

  44. If Ignatieff tries to beat Harper at his own game, he'll lose. It just keeps moving the bar lower and lower, and Canadians become even more cynical.

  45. Then why do you have to fart on people who dare disagree with you? Somebody mentioned Kinsella because he's advising Iggy, and you brought up this nonsense about Harper and a lawsuit. So, if it's not ideology, is it sheer lack of intelligence? Seriously.

    • It's not nonesense – the lawsuit took place. My comment was directed at avr not you – a misunderstanding on my part. Now once again. If you have no rebuttal of anything i have to say and all you are interested in is scoring cheap points and making denigrating remarks then piss off!

      • In a post where someone labelled Warren Kinsella "Mr. Litigious," you first disagreed with that characterization, then you tried to suggest that it's Harper that should be called such because of one lawsuit.

        This is not nonsense to you? lol.

        I've said this before, I'll say it again. You're hitting way above your weight.


        • Sigh…you really must have been weaned on a pickle.

          One more time for you. I didn't realise the subject was Kinsella therefore i didn't disagree. It was simply a misunderstanding.
          And i see you didn't mention the Dion lawsit after denying it existed.
          You're completely intellectually dishonest and gutless.
          I'm under no illusions as to my intelligence, you on the other hand are a half wit.

          • lol, what Dion lawsuit? Seriously, why do you fart on posters on here? is it because they disagree with your politics? Do you have nothing better to do? Wow. Unlike other trolls who get caught, you just keep going. Unbelievable. And shameless.

          • I provide the link and he says what lawsuit ?
            You're sick. Get help!

    • Canadian prime minister files libel suit against opposition …
      Canadian prime minister files libel suit against opposition Liberals – Prime Minister Stephen Harper sued the opposition Liberals for libel T …