Dessert as protest (II) -

Dessert as protest (II)


Video of today’s tofu pie attack.

And, for the sake of perspective, a news clip from 2000 covering the pie attack on Jean Chretien, including a compilation of previous pieings against the likes of Stephane Dion and Pierre Pettigrew among others.


Dessert as protest (II)

  1. These pies do not look very appetising. Whatever happened to good old-fashioned home baking? For example, a good coconut cream pie.

  2. as posted elsewhere where the video is posted, I have a reader request: a genealogy of the pie to the face version of public shaming.

  3. This was a tofu pie apparently.

  4. A crustless tofu pie? Maybe that's what bothers me, the lack of pastry.

    • Maybe they're just being respectful to people with celiac disease.

  5. Good Lord! Evan Brown looks like a young John Baird!

    • it is Baird in a lousy disguise

  6. Tofu pie. gotta give the enviro-pie-wielders credit. Modern technology has allowed them to throw their fits and leave a smaller, more sustainable pie plate than previous pie-throwers.

  7. Comments above are funny, and there is a humorous side to it all. However, I admit to feeling very uncomfortable with the concept. If we, the people, are professing our displeasure with the behaviour of our representatives, I don't think we should be applauding or in any way condoning disgruntlement-by-pie. These tart tortes do nothing to raise the bar or help us lay claim to a higher moral authority.

  8. I agree that assault is assault whether punch or pie…but there's something to be said for diffusing this situation with a little humor. (The Minister herself had a few quips to make, notably).

    I mean, if we're all talking about the contents of the pie – and its relative lack of crust – it means we're NOT talking about the issues that Greenpeace decided were so important as to shove a pie in the Minister's face, lending credence to the idea that "violence" even by pie doesn't effectively get the message across.

  9. PETA, not Greenpeace.

    I'm not certain, but as "radical" as some of Greenpeace's efforts may appear to some, I'm not sure pie-throwing is the type of thing they typically engage in. Certainly Greepeace doesn't stoop to that level with the regularity of PETA.

  10. My mistake, PETA. Clearly I need another coffee this morning.

  11. If it had a crust, it would likely slide out of the pan as soon as the assaulter raised it to vertical, rendering it useless.

    I'm guessing most of these so-called "pies" are just some kind of slop heaped or sprayed into a pan.

  12. I think they harmed their cause. My girlfriend makes lots of really good vegan desserts, none of which include tofu (ew). The folks at PETA should read Post-punk kitchen for suggestions.