Dessert as protest -

Dessert as protest


PETA has apparently pied Fisheries Minister Gail Shea.

A PETA protester hit Fisheries and Oceans Minister Gail Shea in the face with a tofu cream pie this morning as she arrived at the Canada Centre for Inland Waters… “A little tofu pie on her face is hardly comparable to the blood on Ms Shea’s hands,” says PETA executive vice-president Tracy Reiman.

Shea differed on the flavour. She said it was more like shaving cream.

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Dessert as protest

  1. Shea said she wasn't hurt and continued on with the tour of the facility, laughing the incident off.
    “Unfortunately it's something you subject yourself to when you become a politician. There are all kinds of people out there who do crazy things.”

    Taking the high road.
    Good for you, Gail.

  2. How does she know what shaving cream tastes like?

  3. I miss the Chicken Cannon.

  4. You are hilarious!

  5. Will someone please press charges against PETA!

  6. Man PETA can be annoying. Their hearts may be in the right place, but boy is this childish.

    I liked the Minister's comment on the flavour. I view it as a subtle "tofu tastes AWFUL" little slap in the face of the tofu-lovers from PETA.

  7. Will the pie thrower spend thirty days in jail, as Chretien's pie thrower did?

    On that note, where were the "jail sentences don't deter crime!" crowd when protester-assaulting Chretien had said pie thrower locked up? Haha, just kidding, Liberals are ridiculous, I don't expect a serious response.

    Ah, I see that the pie thrower was a woman, not a person, as defined by the government, which considers women to be so inferior to men that they don't even send them to jail for serious crimes because, like dogs and infants and the mentally deranged, they lack the necessities to differentiate wrong from right and can't be held responsible for their crimes. Don't shoot the messenger, kids, but it's true, the government does not consider women to be persons.

  8. Arrest the thrower and charge them with assault. Disgusting.

    • Exactly.

  9. Well, if it was a Tofutti ice cream pie, it would have been delish. Seems it wasn't, though.

  10. Let he who has never eaten fish toss the first pie.

  11. Poor Jesus

  12. Also, charge the organization with conspiracy or something along those lines. They're a complete and utter embarassment.

  13. If anyone from PETA is reading this, I'm serving extra large portions of meat for dinner tonight – from multiple animal species. Also, I'm going to squash that spider in my kitchen instead of catching and releasing it, as I normally do.

    Keep up this nonsense and I won't be practicing catch-and-release fishing this summer, either.

  14. I hate this crap. I'm as staunchly anti-conservative as they come, but in a civilized country like Canada, or any country for that matter, it is unacceptable to physically attack someone for espousing different views from your own. Just because someone has entered public life doesn't mean that they have somehow consented to being assaulted. Growing up in Alberta, I found just about everything Ralph Klein did appalling, but I was equally disgusted by the people who pied him.

    Related to this, I grew up as the son of a politician, and when I was young I thought it was normal for the police to semi-regularly stop by to check in on people and make sure everything was ok. Only when I was older did I realize that it was because of the threats we received just as regularly. If we want to encourage smart, qualified people to enter public life, maybe we should make a point of engaging with them in a civilized manner, even if sometimes if feels like they aren't engaging us in the same way.

  15. I don't know why you think catching fish with a metal hook just so you can throw it back to play again another day would be favoured by an animal rights actitivist. I'm not one, but it seems to me that your hobby is less justifiable than catching and actually eating the fish.

  16. Well that makes the game more fun then!

  17. Fishing using thousand-year old Inuit methods makes you a "traditional fisher", and therefore immune from PETA's criticism.

    If you really want to incur PETA's wrath, try fishing with dynamite, or trawling the lake with a fine-mesh net.

  18. Is that you, Evan Brown?

  19. Whatever it takes to get a bunch of naked female celebrities hanging out at my house in protest.

  20. It ain't easy being green.

  21. Gail Shea doesn`t look like she`s been in too many cat fights but just once I would like to see some more physically able politician like Carolyn Bennett or Lisa Raitt see the attack coming and twist that Peta Perp around and drive the pie into her own face.

    The sweetest memory I have of Chretien is that time he throttled the twerp in the ugly tuque.

  22. One of these days, a seal hunter is going to whack a PETA type in the face with a seal flipper pie.

  23. I'll say.

  24. I hope the attacker is charged with assault. You may not agree with her politics, but I think we can all agree that we should draw the line of protest before physical assault.

  25. Conspiracy to throw pies? Isn't that taking the law & order agenda a bit extreme?

    • Conspiracy to commit assault. Especially if this twit organization has claimed responsibility. The exec VP's comments would certainly tend to suggest it.

      • Unfortunately, that part of Harper's 'law-and-order agenda' was half-baked and got stale due to prorogation…

  26. I would like some dolphin with a side of bald eagle.

  27. I should add that I actually like tofu when well used, so I didn't mean a blanket slag against tofu!

  28. I support many of PETA's goals, and when they restrict themselves to investigating and publicizing cruelty to animals, and organizing boycotts or working to stop the industries using those techniques they're a fine organization and can get real change done.

    Unfortunately, there's this whole layer of other stunting crap they do that works against them.

    So yes, I agree, the person who did this should be charged with assault, and kudos to Gail for her response to the incident.

  29. Disgusting – they should be charged. Shea should have thrown back a meat pie, hot and just out of the oven

  30. Actually, my hooks are made from caribou scapula.

  31. The majority of last year's seal quota went unclaimed. There's nothing left to protest. It's effectively over.

    This is hysteria. Once the harvest stops completely they will still protest baby white coats being slaughtered. Their behavior is a symptom of a personality disorder, not anything to do with reality.

    Very soon the seal population will explode, with all sorts of terrible consequences, and the former product will have to be culled, at great expense to the Canadian taxpayer, and left to rot on the ice.

  32. The pie-thrower (who has been charged with assault) is referred to in the media as a "New Yorker". She'd better be an ex-pat living in New York, 'cause if PETA couldn't even find a CANADIAN to do their pie-throwing I'd be doubly upset (and also wondering if perhaps a foreign national can be charged with some offense for assaulting a cabinet minister which wouldn't apply to a Canadian citizen).

    Am I supposed to believe that Pam Anderson was busy with something else?

  33. Quick, find the Minister a piano!
    American woman, stay away from me
    American woman, mama let me be
    Don't come hangin' around my door
    I don't wanna see your face no more

  34. On a slightly more serious note, if the pie thrower isn't Canadian, that would seem to me to be a PR error on the part of PETA. It's one thing for Canadians to throw stuff at their Ministers to protest the government's policies, but foreigners coming here to assault our government officials in an effort to get us to change our own domestic policies? Even those who would ordinarily support PETA might have a bit of a "nobody hits my little brother but me!" reaction to that.

  35. A criminal is a criminal, regardless of national origin.

  36. Please update the title. ASSAULT as protest.