Did no one hear Dean Del Mastro’s plea for decency?


After Question Period just now, Navdeep Bains rose on a point of order to allege that Vic Toews, Conservative frontbencher and president of the treasury board, had used a “gun-like gesture” during QP.

Mr. Toews rose in response and accused Bob Rae of not sufficiently supporting Canadian soldiers.

Conservative Mark Warawa rose to accuse Mr. Bains of making the same gesture, a point Mr. Bains appeared to find ridiculous.

Mr. Bains repeated his assertion that Mr. Toews should apologize.

Mr. Rae rose to loudly refute Mr. Toews’ insinuation.

Mr. Toews rose to repeat his original insinuation.

A short while later, deputy government house leader Tom Lukiwski rose to apologize for a factual error contained in one of the government’s ten percenters.


Did no one hear Dean Del Mastro’s plea for decency?

  1. Thank you for reading the cover flap for the new book Aaron Wherry Has the Worst Job Ever.

  2. I was thinking along the same lines. All I know is better Wherry than me because I would have gone postal long ago.

  3. If you think Vic Toews is crazy now, remember the smack that used to come from him when he was in opposition.

    Someone should ask Tom Lukiwski if John Baird is an A guy or a B guy.

  4. "Did no one hear Dean Del Mastro's plea for decency?"

    The words didn't come out very clearly through all the double-chocolate fudge.

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