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Disney Releases TANGLED Trailer, Depressing Us All


The thing about the trailer for Disney’s Tangled is that if you didn’t know that the film was completely focus-grouped within an inch of its life, you’d still guess from the trailer alone. The original idea, years ago, was to do a classic Disney fairy-tale story (Rapunzel was one of the few great fairy tales they’d never done) in 3-D animation. The movie went through director replacements, at least three titles, and revisions to make it more “boy friendly” — i.e. more like Shrek. And now what’s left is this.

It’s why parodies of Hollywood so rarely work: if you made a fake trailer as a parody of what Hollywood thinks of as a hip n’ cool and edgy animated movie, it would probably not match this real trailer.

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Disney Releases TANGLED Trailer, Depressing Us All

  1. Oh I dunno….it made ME laugh, anyway.

  2. If Walt was alive, he'd CRY.

    We were told once a upon a time that we were going to get a beautiful, delicate, make-us-believe-in-love-and- wonder FAIRY TALE.

    This ain't it.

    • Walt would only have cried if it didn't make money.

      It's a very old ME story, changed many times and this is just the latest version.

  3. Seriously like it's not that Bad It's really Good animation wise and story wise, of course the film will focus a lot more about Rapunzel the trailer is just to draw in more boys.
    Can't wait to see ! Finally a decent 3D Disney Movie !
    Favorite Quote "You Coming Blondy" LOL
    I Strongly Recommend !!

    • ^This is why this movie will still make tonnes of money. *sigh*

  4. The hair freaks me out.

  5. I don't get it. How does this trailer draw in more boys? Surely the movie has to be a little better than the trailer would suggest… doesn't it?

    When I think about how good Beauty & the Beast was, well…

    3D animation is killing animated movies. The studios are so focused on making movies where things fly at the screen and people drop off of cliffs, towers, trees, etc. that they've forgotten to worry about the story.

    • You can have a good movie (even a good children's movie – see Coraline, for example) that uses 3D, but I agree that the special effects should not be at the expense of story. CGI and 3D were supposed to enable us to tell stories we couldn't tell before, not create ridiculous scenarios that are only in there because some studio hack said, "Dude, it would be totally awesome if…"

      • Fair enough. I guess I just find it incredibly annoying to be at the 2D version of a movie – because I'm cheap – and periodically catch myself thinking "ah, this bit would be quite the set piece in 3D, wouldn't it".

        I have two boys – 5 and 2 – and I am always on the lookout for enjoyable, not-too-stupid movies to take them to. Unfortunately, it's been pretty slim pickings. This trailer does nothing to bring me hope for the fall season. :)

  6. I dont think some of you guys know this but CGI artists and traditional artists were use together in this movie like the movie "spirit" they been working on this movie for a while and i really dont see the boy thing… it a movie they have to put more in the plot than a witch put her in a tower and then she get save… it be a pretty short movie if that was it… and I think it will be nutural… I think it will be a hit.. and I know I can't wait i think the form of animation there doing is pretty awesome

  7. I just watched this movie today. It was REALLY great! Loved it!