DNC 2012: A lonely Obama hater


In case you thought the RNC would take credit for all the weird out there, think again.

I would like to introduce you to Bob Kunst, gay Zionist Obama hater, registered Democrat, reluctant Romney supporter, and president of pro-Israel organization, Shalom International.

Kunst cares about one thing and one thing only: the state and fate of Israel.

I caught up with him outside of the Charlotte Convention Centre this afternoon, where he added some much-needed weirdness to an otherwise pretty conventional convention.

This is what he told me:

  • “I don’t care if he [Barack Obama] is a Muslim or a Christian, all I care is that he’s a Jihadist.”
  • “Unfortunately Arab oil is more important than Jewish blood.”
  • “Obama has betrayed the Jewish community. When he wants to divide our holy land and give it to the people who stand with Hitler and danced in the streets after 9/11, I’m not going to support him.”
  • “I’m not here to empower all these weirdos to endorse my love making.The issue is not gay marriage. The issue is taxation without representation.”
  • [Imitates Hilary Clinton] “Those settlements! That’s captured land! You can’t do that!”
  • [As himself] “Hillary, you bitch, how could you.

Meanwhile, another Zionist, Chicago mayor and former Obama staffer Rahm Emanuel, is having his own troubles at the convention; mainly stemming from the fact he is going in the first place. The big speakers are set to take the stage Tuesday night, and Emanuel is supposed to be among them (other keynote speakers include 37-year-old San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro and First Lady Michelle Obama. But Chicago’s GOP is urging the mayor to stay home instead, citing a number of urgent crises, like gang violence and union negotiations. Emanuel has just announced he will limit his time at the convention.

In other news, things on the floor here couldn’t look anymore different from last week’s Republican Snow Bird National Convention. The DNC looks like a Toronto subway platform: lots of diversity and lots of young people. The one resounding similarity between the two events? Lots of fat people. United we sit…

Join me Tuesday when I’ll be covering what I’m pretty sure is the only Pro Life event at the DNC, followed by a Planned Parenthood rally, and — eventually — Michelle Obama’s big speech.


DNC 2012: A lonely Obama hater

    • He’s got a serious numbers fetish – a regular Count Dracula.

  1. so what if he’s a zionist? it’s no mystery that a republican government would be much more supportive of a israeli strike against iran. a preemptive attack that every western nation, and many arab nations, are hoping happens but don’t have the balls – or the urgency – to do themselves. the next president will probably reside over a time of war between iran and israel, it is therefore a significant voting issue. Don’t try to minimize it.

    • Nobody cares about Iran

  2. In case you thought the RNC would take credit for all the weird out there, think again.

    “The RNC is weird”, says someone whose preferred party sent protestors dressed as giant vaginas blowing vuvuzelas.

    • I don’t know, after Akins remarks maybe dressing as a dick would have been more appropriate.

      • Your keynote speaker is Bill Clinton.

        • Mine? Time to stop with that.

    • “There were no weird people at the RNC convention” implies someone who apparently didn’t watch the convention.