DNC 2012 Twitter log: Emma Teitel at the Democratic convention


Emma Teitel at the Democrat convention

Maclean’s columnist Emma Teitel is at DNC 2012 where she’ll be tweeting, blogging and photographing events. We’ll keep track of her Twitter trail here. Follow her directly at @emmaroseteitel

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Told old woman at the airport I am going to the #DNC "well you’re not on my side," she said. "I’m a Romney man"Emma Teitel
RT @Edpilkington: Occupy protesters being given a warm welcome by Charlotte police ahead of the DNC http://pic.twitter.com/FwHYLnNhEmma Teitel
My apt in Charlotte #DNC2012 http://instagr.am/p/PFuJRTp7FL/Emma Teitel
Obama inspired fan. Only useful thing in swag bag. #dnc2012 http://instagr.am/p/PHfCIbJ7Gs/Emma Teitel
Anti Obama Zionist activist: "I don’t care if he’s a Muslim or a Christian…he’s a jihadist." http://pic.twitter.com/JGlNiFY9Emma Teitel
Dem advisor says #GOP offers "trickle down fairy dust" solution to economic problems http://politi.co/PPRMIfEmma Teitel
My first @macleansmag dispatch from the convention: Gay rights at the #DNC http://bit.ly/RcBt2EEmma Teitel
MORE LATER. Meanwhile, follow Emma directly at @emmaroseteitel

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DNC 2012 Twitter log: Emma Teitel at the Democratic convention

  1. “well you’re not on my side,” she said. “I’m a Romney man”

    LOL the rightwing….still trying to figure out the most basic of things.

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