Donald Sutherland: Traitor? -

Donald Sutherland: Traitor?

Or, put another way, Donald Sutherland: Traitor!


This is what we know. These are the facts.

1. Donald Sutherland was in British Columbia for the Opening Ceremonies of the Winter Olympics. We all saw him there on Friday night. He was one of the white-suited folks who brought in the Olympic flag.

2. Donald Sutherland was in the Kate Bush video for Cloudbusting. We all saw him there in 1985. He played the inventor of a machine capable of altering the weather and making it rain.

3. It has been raining non-stop in Vancouver and Whistler. It’s been raining so much and so hard that even trained meteorologists now describe the weather simply as “shitty.”

4. Donald Sutherland must die. To the pitchfork shed!

Folks, we didn’t invent cause and effect. We just have to apply it.


Donald Sutherland: Traitor?

  1. Yeah, he's just visiting Canada to wreak havoc on Vanoc. And I'm pretty sure Shirley Douglas is behind the protests there too.

  2. Actually, Donald Sutherland is a Quebec resident – has been for decades. He lives in the Eastern Township. Wayne Gretzky however is a US resident – Steve Nash too, I believe.

    • Gretzky is actually a U.S. citizen, not just a resident.

  3. Wayne Gretzky however is a US resident – Steve Nash too, I believe.

    Un-Canadian traitors! Go back to Harva- er the U.S. We don't need your kind here. *shakes fist*

    • Gretzky is a U.S. citizen and votes in U.S. elections too. In laying out his support for the War in Iraq he once said of Gerorge W. Bush, "I elected the president. I happen to think he's a great leader and a wonderful president" emphasis added.

      So, I was a bit surprised not to hear any Tory supporters complaining that a foreign citizen who's been living outside of Canada for over 20 years and votes in foreign elections (clearly a Canadian "citizen of convenience") was chosen to light the Olympic flame.

      • Well, Gretzky still spent way more of his adult life wanting to be here, and he also didn't just come back to be our prime minister.

  4. Let's blame Kiefer – he never did slay the terrorist cloud-busters.

  5. Anyone who knows who Kate Bush is can't be all bad.

  6. What's worse, I have it on good authority that his son tortures people for the Americans.

  7. Donald Sutherland is far too small to be a threat to the men in powwwwwwwer.

  8. J'aime that video and that song!

  9. Was there no Canadians deserving of carrying the torch that we had to resort to to the likes of Arnold Swartznager? Are we Canadian or want to be Americans? Come on!!! The same is true of Grekzky (lighting the flame)and Donald Sutherland (although both born in Canada) carrying the olympic flag and not an athelete. They has spent most of their life south of the 49th. Terry Fox's mother should have lite the olympic flame. He was a great Canadian and known world wide for his Marathon of Hope. The Terry Fox runs for cancer take place all over the world. In fact there's one in India presently. India rates him with Ghandi.


  10. This made me laugh really. I really can't see the connection there. Poor Donald Sutherland.

  11. For me, he is a good actor. Hopefully more movies of him will emerge.