Don't say they didn't ask -

Don’t say they didn’t ask


An earnest young organizer explains who’s been invited to Saturday’s prorogation protest in Ottawa.

Root said they will have speakers from various non-governmental organizations affected by various bills killed when Parliament was prorogued.

Organizers sent out invitations to all five federal parties to speak at the rally. Four have confirmed their participation. Root said they are still waiting to hear back from the Conservative party. “That’s one thing we’ve really been trying to push, the non-partisan aspect,” he said.


Don’t say they didn’t ask

  1. I can't wait – and I am a Conservative but what the heck I love a good rally especially watching opposition MP's pile all over themselves tripping over each other to try to hiijack the event – should be funny – I wonder if Iggy will yell and stomp and call harper evil meanie stevie but when push comes to shove he woin't change a single thing about the prorogation system = says it all folks says it all!

    • Nothing wrong with proroguing, it's the reason for it that's the problem.

      Cons are avoiding a lawful order of Parliament.

      • "Cons are avoiding a lawful order of Parliament."

        With a lawful prorogation order.

        Laws are funny, they don't always work one way and one way only.

  2. So you think Iggy will be Prime Minister? Because that's the only way he could change the "prorogation system." I'm sure he appreciates your endorsement.

    • I have absolutley no doubt that if Iggy can hang onto the leadership he will be the next PM – In 2012 ROFLMFAO!

      • YMHTCFIT

        • I appreciate your giving us the definition earlier. Thanks!

  3. I'm sure a few cabinet ministers will attend in order to consult on the recalibration. After all the Olympics haven't started yet.

  4. An explanation for a decision?

    Perhaps the Conservative government and the Governor General could take some pointers during this time of great recalibration and contemplation.

  5. The only way these events could have remained non partisan would have been to not invite any political parties. This is an issue on which the parties are split, and on which the people attending the rally clearly oppose the actions of one of the parties (if not necessarily endorsing those of the others). Iviting all parties to speak, knowing full-well that the governing party would not attend, is not non-partisan.

    They should have stuck with democracy/civil society based NGOs and non-aligned community/political leaders.

    • And now it will appear to be the 'coalition' at work.
      A glimpse of the next election campaign.

    • -4 score (as of this writing), but no opposing comments in response. Interesting.

    • Trying to be non-partisan by inviting politicians is like trying to go down to the curling club for a nice round of golf – the two don't mix.

      And I think Wilson's point about the coalition is bang on. This is simply a means to the end, though they've framed the issue differently, it will probably come to the same logical conclusion. Ie. coallition. I think they probably saw this weekends rallies as a test of what kind of popular outrage there is against this. And I'm guessing they came up short.

    • Great letter. I'm attending, my first rally ever.

      • Hear, hear! Not my first rally ever, but the first in years.

    • You made some excellent points. I hope you guys get quite a crowd out there.

      I'll be attending the Vancouver rally(also my first rally)

    • Well said.

      "As Chris White, founder of the original Facebook Group, has said, we're the only Canadians able to protest right in front of Harper's office, so there will be a good deal of interest in what happens in Calgary tomorrow."

      That's from:

      Calgarians Against Proroguing Parliament

      “In a democracy dissent is an act of faith. Like medicine, the test of its value is not in its taste, but in its effects.”

      J. William Fulbright

  6. I'm trying to get Fox to cover it so we can inflate the attendance. No response yet.

    • LOL, that'd be great! And remember, Fox doesn't just inflate the attendance, they'll actually talk about your rally while simultaneously showing footage on air of an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT RALLY (a larger one) to make it look as though that rally is your rally.

      • And they'll keep reporting it long after it's over so it looks like it is still happening. WIN!

        • And the PM might even see it.

  7. I guess I should have made clear that I'll be attending the one in Waterloo Region (not Montreal).

    TJCook: Tasering? You're kidding, right? RIGHT!?

    • It's not well documented, but Waterloo police are notorious for tasering random people at rallies.
      March with both eyes open :)

      • Ah, so if I wear a large, prominent nametag, I won't fit into the "random" description! Course, I'll feel like a complete dweeb . . .

        • It will be much worse if you don't notice when someone slaps the "Taser Me!" sign on your back!
          But seriously – good luck with things!

          If all is good health wise (this week has been a battle with Norwalk virus – grossest thing ever), then I hope to participate in the Toronto rally.

          • LOL!. Feel better

    • Yes I'm kidding. Like 99% sure it won't come to that.

      Maybe 95% sure.

    • Jenn:

      No worries. The RCMP is not as out of control as it's sometimes portrayed to be.

  8. My first in years, as well.

    I'm not looking forward to being tasered, but that's the price you pay for demonstrating.