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election08: caption challenge #7 (special sunday edition)


I wasn’t at this event, but I’ve seen enough horror movies to know there must have been a bathroom mirror in front of Stephane Dion. And in about three seconds he’s going to spit his toothpaste into the sink, wipe his face, look up into the mirror and – aaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiii!!!

Anyhoo: you know the drill. Write up a caption in the comments section below. Try to make it have loads of wit and trace elements of insight. Winner to receive something delicious (literally or metaphorically – you decide).

In addition to your caption, please also include your best spelling of a shriek of horror. You see mine up there – aaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiii!!! – but there’s got to be much better ways of doing it than that. Could come in handy for progressive Canadians on election night.

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