Er, never mind -

Er, never mind


Don Martin says you can stop worrying about the national anthem. Or, put another way, Don Martin says the government would prefer you stop worrying about what it might want to do to the national anthem.

After facing a blitzkrieg of backlash to a minor Throne Speech afterthought, which proposed a single line change to eliminate a gender reference in the anthem’s lyrics, a senior cabinet minister confides the notion will be quickly and quietly dusty-shelved, never to see the light of actual committee study … influential  officials are reassuring Conservative MPs that the kerfuffle will be allowed to fade away — and never to return to the agenda, even as a suggestion for further study.

And now the Prime Minister’s Office officially calls the whole thing off. The time expired between the Governor General committing this promise to the record and the arrival of this note from Mr. Harper’s press secretary would seem to be approximately 49 hours in total.

And now Senator Nancy Ruth, with whom this idea is said to have originated, says that “if there’s been such backlash, then this is another example, for me, of hatred against women.”


Er, never mind

  1. I'm going to try my best to forget that this ever happened.

    • Amen bro, amen.

      If they're looking for ways to completely screw up all the feel-good patriotic afterglow from the Olympics, this had to be close to the top of the list.

    • I'm going to mutter 'sexist pigs' everytime I sing it now (kidding). I don't know how it passed the groan test when it was brought up. How Harper can go from being anti-pay equity to pc'ing the anthem is what is amazing.

  2. OK, so now we have a puzzle: what important but subtle detail in the speech was the anthem thing a smokescreen for?
    Because I'm beginning to think our PM is less a chessmaster than a magician-in-training.

    • Oh, maybe the coming removal of environmental assessments for oil and mineral fields in the arctic? That's just a guess…

      • Actually, Prentice stepped down on that today on PnP except for his precious (in my most Gollum voice] MacKenzie pipeline. I wonder how much information was actually forwarded to the Ministers before the budget.

    • but is it a trick, or an illusion?

  3. The cynic in me wonders if that entire topic was just thrown in there as a distraction.

    • It worked for half a day.

    • Gee, ya think?

    • Look at the razor thin majority in the senate, then looked at who proposed this….

    • Assuming it is intentional, is it a mark of genius or another bungle?
      I have to think that the public is going to get tired of being played for suckers (see prorogation).

      • It has nothing to do with the PM being a genius, just the numbers in the senate…

    • It kept the chattering hordes in Gallery going on with drivel and distracted for the important 24hours between Throne Speech and Budget. Government got to focus the spin on the budget, which you can see from Andrews little graph has been spectacularly successful.

  4. He does seem to outmaneuver himself sometimes.

    • Nancy Ruth needs to retire, ASAP!

      • I think Harper had ultimate responsible for the content of the Throne Speech. Lots of silly ideas float around, but a competent Prime Minister should show some modest amount of judgement in what he commits to in a Throne Speech. No one would be talking about this if Harper had not decided to put it in the Throne Speech.

        • I am not talking about the Throne Speech, I am talking about the whining she did afterwords, c'mon!
          I hardly believe this shows hatred to women, she is crazy!

  5. Gee, i guess Canadians are sick and tired of years of politically correct nonsense………and the issue soaked up at least half the ink that was ear marked by the media for 'we prorogued for this?'

    • Given time to travel through the Canadian digestive system, it will actually compound the we prorogued for this outrage – Wouldn't that take the shine off the GeNiUs mantle

  6. ps
    i was expecting the progressives to jump all over taking 'God' out of the anthem while we were at it, but alas, they bit their tongues.

    • It was too stupud for anyone to take the bait. There was some harumphing from the BT crowd.

    • The atheist in me just couldn't muster a complaint… many were probably like myself, counting down the backtrack.

      If you try to invoke shameless nationalism, you best try and leave the symbols alone…

  7. The anthem issue was a distraction, but it wasn't a move toward political correctness. The archaic proposed language, which was tried for a couple years and then dropped a century ago because it was so cumbersome, was supposed to be a stick in the eye of modernity – something that David Warren could have concocted. More proof that conservatism is synonymous with irrational resentment of modernity.

  8. Oh well, it partially stopped people (mostly media and pundits) from talking about the Conservatives' incompetence and amateurishness for a couple of days. Well done, Cons!

    • I thought that's what we discussing for the last 49 hours. Oh you mean the other incompetence!

      • It all basically comes down to incompetence.

  9. And now Senator Nancy Ruth, with whom this idea is said to have originated, says that ”if there's been such backlash, then this is another example, for me, of hatred against women.”

    well then clearly the thing to do is back down on the commitment!

    • And this person holds a Senators seat ?? I`m afraid …….

  10. And now Senator Nancy Ruth, with whom this idea is said to have originated, says that ”if there's been such backlash, then this is another example, for me, of hatred against women.”

    This lady is a bone fide fruitcake.

    • This is another example, for me, of hatred against stupid ideas.

    • But not a good time to alienate one of their Senators if they want to try and control the Senate.

  11. When we ask how a company is performing, we consider how it's doing relative to its competitors and others in the industry.

    When we look to our athletes they perform relative to others. "Gold" means you're better than the rest.

    When we look to how Canada's economy is performing….

    well this is where basic notions of comparitors – perhaps the most critical guages of success is stricken from the public record,

    by a leftist media desperate to put a "fail" on our economy.

    Canada "owns the podium" in terms of economic stability and success in this worldwide economic downturn – and in many respects by a wide margin.

  12. I nominate this as the comment most irrelevant to the discussion taking place on the thread.

    • Seconded !!

      • Motion carried.

  13. It wasn't a Throne speech afterthought. They had a 5980 word Speech from the Throne to which the media reaction would be "They prorogued to retool but there's nothing new."

    This was that wasn't the story because they added 20 words about possibly, maybe considering changing the anthem. But there was never any real intention of changing the anthem.

    How many times have you ever seen Conservative MPs openly questioning the government's course of action? There were quite a few this time because it was all orchestrated.

  14. It's a good thing that Harper's greatest strength is his managerial skill, because imagine the trouble we'd be in if he was not!

  15. And now Senator Nancy Ruth, with whom this idea is said to have originated, says that ”if there's been such backlash, then this is another example, for me, of hatred against women.”

    Is that so, he? What a goonette! To paraphrase a saying: hatred is in the eyes of the beholder.

    • She should file a complaint with Helena Geurgis. She'd probably get a sympathetic ear at the moment.

      • Lol, you are right!

  16. So this was either a submission of great idiocy, or the master move of a far sighted chess master. Everyone feel manipulated yet?

  17. "[Another] Promise Made, [Another] Promise Broken!"

    Budget Day:
    See, we care about women's concerns (we really do)…that's what you care about, right? politically correct language? a free gesture instead of daycare or equal access to stimulus funds, or other more meaningful matters. Oh and don't think about that Guergis matter.

    Two days later:
    Oh, but look, CANADA doesn't care about women's concerns…so we needn't either.

    • that's kinda how I read this thing too.


    interesting. not surprised the base hates it. but they (the party) still seems to be all over the map on this.

    the message of the announcement was this was important for reasons of enhancing gender equality. now the base reportedly reacts and we have elements of the party like Stocky saying it is not necessary in accordance with that reaction. … See moreand you also have other elements of the party like Senator Nancy Ruth, who apparently initiated the idea saying that ”if there's been such backlash, then this is another example, for me, of hatred against women.”

    So, Stocky, taking cues from the base, is suggesting the party's original commitment to this 'important' action is no longer necessary and Ruth is essentially implicitly calling that same base knuckle-dragging misogynists. meanwhile, the pool of women voters that the party is trying – so far unsuccessfully – to make major inroads with, is left alienated by the climbing down from the commitment if they actually supported it and/or affirmed in their existent view that the party is manipulative and opportunistic and not trustworthy. wow.

  19. gender schmender

    "dost" is a lot of work.

  20. My thoughts run along the lines of Harper tossing this out there expecting a backlash in order to be able to 'react to the will of the people' quickly. Maybe trying to change the perception that they don't listen to their constituents so they can play it back to us in the next election: "See, we listen to all of you!"

    Of course, I may be giving the CPoC too much credit.