Escape route (II) -

Escape route (II)


Frank McKenna has some advice for Michael Ignatieff.

He has a good idea: Do what Stephen Harper is doing, and stay away from the House of Commons.

“The House is a hard place for an opposition leader to win. Very hard,” he said. “So I think he’s smart to be around the country and expose himself to people.”


Escape route (II)

  1. Next week's Nanos poll: which party leader would you most prefer to have exposing himself to you?

    • avr. If you expand the choice to beyond federal politics in Canada, the answer becomes obvious. Sarah Palin.

  2. That doesn't sound like very good advice to me but what do I know. Iggy will disappear from our tv screens if he does not attend House of Commons often and people might wonder why he is swanning about instead of being in House of Commons where he is meant to be. And msm will do endless stories on where is Iggy/what is he doing because media seem to think Canada does not exist outside Toronto/Ottawa.

    • Sounds like McKenna thinks Rae should get more face time in QP, asking an empty chair questions.

  3. I think he coulda/shoulda re-phrased that.

  4. Frank just might be onto something – if you look at the Nanos Leadership Index trend lines this year soemthing starts to come into view – whenever Iggy opens his mouth his numbers dip sharply .. so there you have it the new liberal strategy is to hide in plain sight and hope for a scandal since trying to make one these least few years doesn't seem to work very well!

    • That hide in plain sight, keep his mouth shut strategy has not only worked for Harper, but has been forced upon all his backbench MPs to great success as well.

  5. Setting aside the obvious double-entendre (too easy), isn't McKenna's suggestion exactly what Ignatieff tried to do during his "summer of invisibility"?

    If Ignatieff wants some positive national exposure, perhaps he could earn it by showcasing a credible policy idea or two. No risk = no reward.

  6. McKenna's grasp of federal politics isn't as good as his grasp of board seats. Oppo leaders almost ALWAYS have a period when they pretend that the real action is outside Ottawa, until they disappear into the woodwork, and media and party members start asking why they went AWOL.

    A better strategy for Ignatieff would be to learn to be an effective Opposition leader in the House, and to learn how to use the resource that is the Ottawa-based national media to his own advantage.

  7. The fact that these guys are basing their political strategy on whether to show up in the House, rather than what to propose once they do, says all that needs to be said about the state of Parliament.

    • I'm a great believer in the idea that the citizens get the parliament they deserve.

      • You, me, and de Tocqueville. That doesn't change the fact that the status quo is miserable though, it just lays blame where blame is due.

  8. Frankie is Canada's Joe Biden.

  9. I think Frank's forgotten the steps he followed on the path to power:

    1. Become opposition leader to a fourth-term government.

    2. Hope the RCMP arrests your opponent

    3. Promise the moon to every interest group even the ones you intend to screw over in power.

    It's simple really. I don't know why Iggy is so dense about these things?

    • You may be onto something there. That plan seemed to work well for Harper, at least.

    • I think you are on to something so maybe in around 5 or maybe 6 years after harper has won the next 2 elections and starts to get tired and finish his hockey book the Lib's just might be ready to tackle him. By Jove indeed yes you are right!

  10. Is it possible Mr. Ignatieff is getting too much advice, both of the solicited and unsolicited varieties? His detractors, and there are many, have got to allow that he's not stupid. Maybe he deserves to rely more on his own ideas and judgment?