“Every time I answered ‘Kurdish,’ they beat me …”


The Iran Human Rights Documentation Center today released a report on the treatment of Kurdish activists in Iran. The following is from a prison letter:

They took me to a room [where they questioned me]. When writing down my information [I had to disclose] my ethnicity, and every time I answered “Kurdish,” they beat me with a whip that looked like some kind of hose. They also insulted me and beat me because of my religion. They beat me to their heart’s desire because of the Kurdish music that was on my mobile phone. They tied my hands, sat me in a chair, and put pressure on the sensitive parts of my body.  They also took off my clothes and threatened me with rape by harassing me with batons and sticks. My left leg was badly damaged [while I was] there, and I passed out from simultaneous electric shocks and blows to my head. Ever since I regained consciousness, I feel like I have lost my sense of balance and I shake uncontrollably.

The entire report can be read here.


“Every time I answered ‘Kurdish,’ they beat me …”

  1. Sounds a lot like Abu Ghraib

      •  No, torturers and murderers are disgusting.

        Don’t just blame one group for it though, blame all of them

        • Equating the systematic and repeated torture of anyone of a particular religion with a few bad apples in Iraq, who by the way were prosecuted, is a truly revolting moral relativism. I’m shocked your ignorance and bigotry allow you to sleep at night.

          • You just said that if your name is Mohamed, then doing this is disgusting and evil.

            But if your name is say…Cheney…it’s right and moral

            What have you allowed into your moral code Rick?

          • So to make up for your bigotry and ignorance, you start lying? I didn’t say it had anything to do with names. One is a government’s policy, the other was a lack of oversight. You don’t see the Iranian government putting these guys on trial, do you? DO YOU?!

            Your blinded by hatred, and it’s very sad because it makes you look shockingly stupid.

          •  @Rick_Omen:disqus

            Oh sorry Rick….there you were, feeling all superior and sneering at ‘barbarians’, and I had the bad taste to remind you that we are also barbarians.

            I don’t see the US putting Bush and Cheney on trial either…in fact both of them now openly boast about it.

          • Oh just shut up and stop lying. You’re comparing the American and Iranian human rights records, and you think they’re morally equivalent. 

            Anybody with half a brain knows that’s completely preposterous. Just as stupid as the idea of trying Bush and Cheney is, but you idiots at your leftist chant-fests think that just because something rhymes, it must also be true. I dare you to go to Iran and say something negative about their government. Then we won’t have to put up with your nonsense here anymore.

          • You’re comparing imprisoning criminals, and spying, on the same level as torture?!?! You really need to get a moral compass.

          •  @Rick_Omen:disqus

            Testy, testy.  LOL

            The Americans have been as barbaric as anyone else in the world, and we’ve gone along with it.

            Torture, imprisionment, spying, extra-judicial killing etc are simply wrong, Rick….both morally and legally.

            Left or right, American or Iranian, up or down…..wrong.

            The idea was to leave the Dark Ages behind, not restore it.

          •  @Rick_Omen:disqus

            Gitmo, Rick. And ‘rendering’. And black prisons overseas.

            I’m not the one in need of a moral compass.

            As long as you willingly play vassal to Rome, you will be judged by their actions.

  2. Excuse me, but when the leaders speak publically, condoning water boarding and other such techniques as acceptable and neccesary, despite being in direct conflict with international protocols, it is ridiculous to claim that such behaviours showing up in places like Abu Ghraib stem from “a lack of oversight”.

    To say this is not just deliberatly obtuse, but morally and ethically vacuous, a divorcing of one’s views from reality and consequence, not to mention basic human principles.

    Whether you beat a man bloody with a rubber hose until he tells you what you want to hear, or just allow yourself to profit by such actions, you are guilty of inhumane acts.

    I know from personal experience that nothing happens in military installations like this without everyone knowing what’s going on. After all, when you’re holding some of the world’s most dangerous people, you tend to make sure you know where everyone and everything is located, in extreme detail and with redundancy, to ensure containment and control.

    Turning your back so that you don’t have to witness the acts you intend to profit by, is not a lack of oversight. It’s a lack of basic human values.

    • I agree, and that’s why they were eventually prosecuted, is it not? Because others came forward, and when the top brass found out, people were punished. That will never happen in Iran, because this stuff is not only sanctioned, but ordered from the top.

      • Dammit.. you’re a hard troll to ignore.

        I’m sure this is a waste of time, but perhaps you should re-read your last sentence, and consider it in light of Phil’s first.

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