Exclusive: Answer to the question on every Canadian’s mind - Macleans.ca

Exclusive: Answer to the question on every Canadian’s mind

Why did Ignatieff shoot his new TV ad in a forest?


Why did Michael Ignatieff decide to shoot his new TV ad in a forest?

  • Nice old lady in gingerbread house promised him free candies.
  • Last-minute schedule conflict meant he first had to help Han Solo disable the shield generator.
  • Has actually been lost there since June 18th, explaining his low-visibility summer.
  • What better place to depict the energy and dynamism of the ultra-modern, globally competitive Canada he describes?
  • Keen to solidify strong polling numbers among 18-to-34-year-old Sasquatches.
  • Had to make the trip anyway to feed Denis Coderre to Aragog.
  • Being a man of letters, he was determined to capture Walden’s spirit of simplicity while inadvertently evoking its whole “quiet desperation” argument.
  • He’s been away from this country for, like, 35 years – you try to find your way to the TV studio.
  • Setting seemed perfect as original script for ad read: “I’m praying to you! Look in your heart! I’m praying to you! Look in your heart! I’m praying to you! Look in your heart! I’m praying to you!”

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Exclusive: Answer to the question on every Canadian’s mind

  1. He likes the smell.

  2. Ya, cause being in a Canadian forest enjoying nature is a pretty bad thing to do, especially in a blue casual shirt.

  3. It's just an attempt to appear like the everyday man, absolutely non-elitist. Look for more ads showing Iggy fishing, hunting, wrestling with bears …

    • Ah, the Putin school of political showmanship. Brilliant. Snap a few pictures of Iggy horseback riding shirtless, butterfly-stroke swimming in a freezing cold lake, and saving a TV crew from a Siberian Tiger. I don't think it's mere coincidence that Putin earned 70% of the vote in 2004.

      • See, now you have me wondering if there's a correlation between eyebrows and chest hair. Thanks for that.

        Good to see ya, by the way. You've been missed.

    • Topless…like Putin!

  4. Like a dumb dog in the woods… We have too many people in this world quoting Lebowsky and not enough quoting Miller's Crossing. The old man's still an artist with a Thomson.

    • If you want me to keep my mouth shut, it'll cost you. I figure a thousand bucks is reasonable, so i want two thousand.

      • They took his hair, Tommy. Jesus that's strange. Why would they do that?

          • Nothin' more foolish than a man chasin' his hat.

          • I'm sick of the high hat!

          • Youse fancy pants, all o' youse.

          • Hey fellas! What's the rumpus?

    • I just imagined Brian Mulroney shooting attackers with a Tommy Gun while Reagan sung Danny boy because of you. Incidentally, Raising Arizona is Stephen Harper's favourite movie (we may not have proof that Harper eats babies, but he seems awfully interested in their possible theft…).

  5. Iggy wasn't in a forest, he was standing in front of a green screen.

    • Get that idea out of your head before it implodes. You can't fake that kind of ambient lighting, camera movement, and eye squinting in a budget studio.

      • Were you at the forest with Iggy?

        Can you prove it was not shot is a studio?

  6. He was on a puffin hunt.

  7. ya, I much prefer the manly, man – Harper with lipliner, lip gloss and eyeliner in an old man's blue sweater vest.

    • So do I Ontario Town. I see that they did manage to trim Sir Eyebrow into 2 distinct Eyebrows anyway and I love that pancake makeup to make him look at least within 10 years of Harpers age and wow – where did all that grey hair he was sporting go? My first thought was this is one of those toilet paper ads about bears doing their thing in the woods which was such a metaphor to The Liberal Party doing their thing on the Canadian public thinking of an election. Where was Smokey the Bear?

      • Oh dear – hit a nerve here – I guess you haven't noticed Harper's various shades at various times. And yes, stay classy

  8. It was actually shot in the States where apparently, he has spent a great deal of time living.

  9. Had to make the trip anyway to feed Denis Coderre to Aragog.

    I it weird that I had to look that up?

    • not as weird as the fact that i didn't

  10. You guys are having way too much fun. I thought you were political pundits. You're not allowed to have so much humour in your comments.

    Stephen Taylor seems to have gotten it right. Iggy wanted a reboot and it appears he is getting it.

    I thought he was looking for little red riding hood voters.

  11. I thought it was symbolic of his inability to see the forest for the trees?

  12. So Liberals can now answer to silly or obvious questions with,

    "Does Iggy s*** in the woods"

  13. He sounds like a smart Sarah Palin, wanting to take on India and China and that sort of thing.

    • can he see either of them from his house?

      Now that he cancelled his trip, I guess he cant see China from his plane? Was there any explaination as to why he cancelled his trip?

  14. Part of the age old debate – if a politician speaks in the woods and no one hears (or cares) , did it really happen.

  15. ''Had to make the trip anyway to feed Denis Coderre to Aragog.'' – A Harry Potter reference. you made my day.

  16. If Iggy falls in the forest and no is there to hear him; does he matter?

  17. I see there's a debate elsewhere over the significance of his denim shirt. Fun fact: that ain't denim.

    • You're confusing Iggy with Jean Chretien. Big difference: JC was successfule at being a politician.

      • No, actually, I'm not.

  18. What a ridiculous article.
    Scott Feschuk had nothing to write about than to write a piece on the background of an ad?
    And then he comes up with silly answers such as "Nice old lady in gingerbread house promised him free candies"?

    • You'd swear he was a humour columnist or something.

    • If it's more your cup of tea, ITQ links to Patrick Muttart's bit on it elsewhere on this blog, but it's way harder to tell where to laugh in that one.

      • That's easy: with Feschuk you laugh at the end of the sentences, with Muttart at the beginning.

        • You were born to teach, Jack Mitchell. Now, what about Steyn?

          • With Steyn, the Devil does the laughing for us.

  19. Trying to gain poplar support.

    • Agreed. He's trying to establish a beech-head in rural Canada. After the last election, the Liberal were left with almost nothing but ashes.

      • Pining for the days when redwood mean certain victory. If only Dion hadn't seemed so indeciduous as a leader, or had conifered with his team more, the oak-come might have felt less like an electoral bamboo-zle. But then Harper seemed to have a willow steel, in his quest to become an alder statesman and spruce up his party's image.

        • Dude that's awesome!!

          • Thanks!

        • You've taken the joke too fir.

          • I could grow sycamore tree puns, and olive run out of them soon, anyway.

  20. Trees are nice. Everyone likes a tree. And they don't run away when Iggy speaks. Or maybe they are symbolic of a Canada where shovels aren't in the ground yet.

    • Quiet you… the land is strong!

  21. Easy. He was in Algonquin Park. Wasn't that the only part of the country that he missed while he was away or something?