Feeling funny (ie. “ha ha,” not “peculiar”)?


I’m running a quick challenge over on my Twitter thingy, where I “tweet” (quotation marks indicate verb used under protest) as The Voice in the Prime Minister’s Head.

Deadline is noon ET. The topic? One thing I learned while working in politics is that the Prime Minister’s Hill office features a secret compartment in the wall – big enough to hold, say, a pillow or a Gary Lunn. So… What does Stephen Harper keep in his secret compartment?

Funniest answer = prize.

Come over to Twitter and join in.

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Feeling funny (ie. “ha ha,” not “peculiar”)?

  1. Do I have to sign up for that festival of <del>idiocy </del> <del>illiteracy </del> brevity to play?

  2. It's not so bad once you beat Ashton Kutcher to death with a baseball bat.

    • I don't know. I'm pretty comfortable with periodically sticking my head out the front door and shouting updates to passersby. ("Hey you guys!!!!! Still trying to decide beween leftover pizza and Corn Flakes for breakfast! I put on mismatched socks this morning!!!! And I'm Laughing Out Loud about it!!!!!!")

      • I resisted, too. It all comes down to following the right people. As the Voice in the PM's Head, I follow only Tim Horton's outlets, so mostly I'm inundated with fritter-based news.

  3. His budgie smugglers?

    • I had to look that up. Regrettably, Google included images as part of my search results. Thanks for that.

      • least it was not a picture of Feshcuk in his budgie smugglers i trust/hope…

  4. And he can certainly keep them there. I think I would have to wash my eyeballs with bleach if Harper wore them in public.

  5. You should have just read Wells' piece on Abbot.

    • Ah! The mail hasn't come yet (And I'm not bitter about paying for a subscription to get the articles *after* they've been posted on-line for free. Not one bit.)

  6. He keeps the Reforms version of the Constitution of Canada, an reads it every morning.

  7. I think PM keeps Bombay Sapphire close to hand. It would explain a lot.

  8. Mackenzie King's mother in a rocking chair.

    The prize should still go to SeanStock for his alternative twitter technology.

  9. That's where he keeps his non-evil twin.

  10. HIs personality. And it has yet to come out of the closet!

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