Fighting words


During QP yesterday, Justin Trudeau wanted to talk about funding for Katimavik. Heritage Minister James Moore wanted to talk about Saturday night’s charity fight between Mr. Trudeau and Senator Patrick Brazeau.

Mr. Speaker, we have a strong record in supporting kids and that will continue. My colleague will have to wait for the budget tomorrow, but I know that he is very anxious to please Canadians. I think the best way for him to please Canadians would be on Saturday night when he gets into the ring, if he keeps his hands nice and low and keeps his chin nice and high, he will be giving Canadians the greatest show we have been waiting for.

Mr. Trudeau was unimpressed. And the Liberals posted video here.

Saturday’s amateur bout has been preceded by professional-level trash talk including this, this and, er, this. Althia Raj has video of the weigh-in.


Fighting words

  1. And Moore is supposedly the “classy” minister.  Snort.  I worked with a young man a few years ago who had gone through Katimavik and he had nothing but positive things to say about the program — it showed him Canada, he said (he was of Asian-Canadian ancestry), in a way he had never understood, esp the north, and he felt he had gained skills that would take him through life. 

    A shame when cons need to destroy things other governments built; here in SK, for example, our short-sighted premier just canned our film tax credit, making us the ONLY jurisdiction in North America without one — and this after shamelessly reaping publicity from an appearance on Corner Gas.

  2. Wow, that is really immature.  Too bad we have such low grade people as Ministers.  When they open their mouths, they’re embarrassing.

  3. The Minister must have meant to say Conservatives, not Canadians.  The difference grows daily.

    • That struck me too.  The minister implying that Canadians love to see violence and people getting hurt.  Wish Moore would leave us out of his pathetic thoughts.

  4. Absolute evidence that we are governed by thugs and bullies.

  5. This boxing match was a very poorly thought-out exercise in my opinion. There is not enough good will on either side to pull it off gracefully. It will end badly for both parties and is already causing people to cringe at the spectacle of civic “leaders” who would be more comfortable on the set of Jersey Shore or the Jerry Springer show. 

    Call me an elitist but I’d really like to see politicians try to rise above vulgarity rather than embrace it. 

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  7. Are there height/weight/arm reach stats available? Looking at photo, Trudeau looks fit but he’s skinny while Brazeau looks like a proper fighter. If I was Trudeau, I would not think it was a very fair fight because weight behind your punches matters a great deal. 

    Is this a real match or will Brazeau be taking it somewhat easy – Trudeau is going to have float like a butterfly but can he sting like a bee?


      • Thank you, very helpful info.

        “Mr. Brazeau who stands 5-foot-10, weighs in at 183 pounds, is considered by some to be the favourite against the relatively reed-like Mr. Trudeau — who stands 6-foot-2 and brings 175 pounds into the boxing ring.

        Mr. Jones said he favours Mr. Trudeau’s long-reach style — sharp, quick left jabs, fired from a distance — over Mr. Brazeau’s — getting in close and firing right crosses to the body — because the jab is a harder punch to avoid, especially for the inexperienced.“

        One of the most difficult things about boxing is slipping a left jab. That left jab comes out there and it can sting. I’d be hitting that guy [Mr. Brazeau] in the nose every chance I had,” Mr. Jones said.

        Not only does the stronger Mr. Brazeau have to face the difficulties of Mr. Trudeau’s probing lefts, he also has to score more points.The match is officially sanctioned by Boxing Ontario and will be fought under Olympic rules.”

    • Trudeau’s got the reach and some boxing training.
      Brazeau has the muscle and martial arts training.

      My bet is Trudeau takes the win by Brazeau being disqualified.. if the battle becomes heated at all, Brazeau’ll likely fall back to his martial arts training and throwing a kick will have him lose the match.

      • Trudeau does not have much power, I bet, so I would not be overly worried about his left jab. Going by the stats, it is not a fair fight, and I surprised its been sanctioned. 

        I don’t know what Olympic rules means, tho. Do you? Sounds like amateur rules so maybe they wear those padded head protectors which would help Trudeau very much.

        I would enjoy watching Trudeau get the tar knocked out of him but not if it isn’t fair fight – don’t have much interest in watching a bully beat up a dandy. 

        • Here’s the important bit for my point of view:
          “When a boxer commits a foul, he faces a caution, a warning or, in extreme cases, disqualification. Two cautions for a particular offence mean an automatic warning, and three warnings of any kind mean disqualification.

          Some of the more common fouls include hitting below the belt, holding, pressing an arm or elbow into the opponent’s face, forcing the opponent’s head over the ropes, hitting with an open glove, hitting with the inside of the glove and hitting the opponent on the back of the head, neck or body. Others include passive defense, not stepping back when ordered to break, speaking offensively to the referee and trying to hit the opponent immediately after the order to break.”

          I think the fouls I’ve italicized are where Brazeau will run into trouble — because that kind of stuff is what many martial arts specifically teaches you to go for.

  8. Honestly, I guess I’m not surprised that the government is cancelling Katimavik.  If you look at some of their core programs:

    -Cultural Discovery and Civic Engagement
    -Eco-citizenship and Active Living
    -Second Language and Cultural Identity

    … it would appear this program is fostering future generations of Canadians who clearly won’t be voting Conservative.  Can’t have that now, can we…

    And shame on Minister Moore. There are a lot of CPC ministers who I wouldn’t expect better out of. I do expect better of him.

  9. Isn’t THE purpose of government to please Cadadians?  Isn’t it, therefore, also Mr. Moore’s job to contribute to pleasing Canadians?  This is why he is paid, no?  Paid by those same Canadians…