Five hanged in Tehran -

Five hanged in Tehran


I was out of the office when this atrocity took place. I’d be remiss, however, not to bring it to your attention even a week late. The five activists were murdered at Evin Prison, where Canadian Zahra Kazemi spent her last days alive. Four were Kurds. A widespread strike in protest of the executions shut down many of the Kurdish towns and cities in northwest Iran.


Five hanged in Tehran

  1. It's a shame America doesn't have diplomatic relations with Iran such that President Obama can send an envoy to mention how deeply troubled we all should be about racism in Arizona!

    Then again, where Iran is concerned President Obama seems to prefer acting as if good and evil don't exist at all. I'm not sure whether this is better or worse than ignoring Chinese cruelty while apologizing for America's.

  2. From the article: "Although the authorities announced that the five people executed Sunday had been found guilty of carrying out fatal bomb attacks…Ms. Elmholi, 28, was arrested in 2008 and was charged with planting a bomb under a car that belonged to the Revolutionary Guards, Iran's hard-line military force.

    Mr. Islamian was convicted of involvement in a mosque bombing in Shiraz, ISNA reported. Mr. Kamangar, Mr. Heidarian and Mr. Vakili were convicted of membership in an armed Kurdish rebel group, PJAK, an acronym that stands for the Party of Free Life of Kurdistan. "

    Er, how is killing terrorists who have carried out fatal bomb attacks a travesty? And since when do we call people who carry out fatal bomb attacks "activists"? Sheesh. I've seen one Iranian hanging, the guy smiled and laughed all the way to the gallows. Yes, there are some nasty folks out there and we should not shed a tear when they get what they bargained for.


      "Authorities claimed that she was a member of an illegal Kurdish organization despite their failure to produce any evidence against her."

      These 4 Kurds were not terrorists. They each had SEVEN-minute trials. SEVEN minutes. There was no evidence proving they were guilty of separatist activities. This is the Iranian regime, of course they would have us believe they executed these individuals because they were terrorists. Don't you remember the elections? Don't you remember Neda? This is the same country.

      Please read this letter and tell me if this man sounds like he would want to harm others.

  3. I couldn't agree more. Any time a state kills its citizens, for any reason, is an atrocity.