Five months out…


…here are fancy charts and graphs to argue that, with the Republican nominee in trouble in Ohio and Florida, the Democrat is well-placed to win the big presidential election down there. Everything can change. McCain’s game has a long history of fluctuating wildly, and he has confounded pessimists already in this presidential cycle. But Florida


Five months out…

  1. Well, even with the swing suggested by one poll, it’s still within the margin of error in both those states, isn’t it? And, if McCain ends up keeping those states in the red column, it makes things a heck of a lot tighter for Obama, don’t it?

    I don’t think Americans have even begun to really compare the two, and the real race has barely started.

  2. True Dennis, this is going to be a very close race. But McCain’s ‘I still need to be educated’ comment on his knowledge of the economy doesn’t bold well for the Republicans, who will be blamed for the negative economic conditions that the United States finds itself in.

  3. Well, BC, not sure what comment you’re referring to. My bet is that Americans don’t either.

    Obama certainly has his share of commercial-worthy quotes. He’s set expectations so high. Not sure if any politician can meet them. We’ll see.

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