For those of you keeping score at home


Drew Anderson, the NDP’s director of communications, is apparently leaving.

And Raymond Guardia, who directed the NDP campaign in Quebec and managed Brian Topp’s leadership campaign, says Thomas Mulcair told him he’d be moving on if Mr. Mulcair became leader.


For those of you keeping score at home

  1. Mr. Mulcair has a huge skeleton in his closet. If it ever gets out there will be hell to pay.

  2. Safe to say that the days of the NDP being led by a “happy warrior” are over.

  3. New regime, new administration is SOP.

    • usually you don’t tell staff they will be leaving *if* you become leader, because, well, what if you don’t?  some staff might hold a grudge under such circumstances.  telling Guardia before hand seems strange since the Quebec campaign he directed obviously worked, didn’t it?

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