French birthrate soaring; immigrants not responsible


This is so embarrassing.

INED, France’s National Institute of Demographic Studies, has done some detailed research and concluded that France’s immigrant population is responsible for only 5 percent of the rise in the birthrate and that France’s population would be rising anyway even without the immigrant population.

“That is important in a country where the number of immigrants from traditionally Muslim countries and their French-born children and grandchildren is now reckoned to be more than 6 million from a total population of 60.7 million. The anti-immigration Front National Party has claimed the rise in births came from Muslims, who were thus on track to become an eventual majority, and this appears not to be the case.”

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French birthrate soaring; immigrants not responsible

  1. Whatever will his Steyness do to try to scare us all about the “Muslims Menace” now???

  2. I was thinking the same thing. Some Macleans columnists might disagree…

  3. Hey, comments are back!!

    (Abuses privilege by calling everyone a poopyhead)

  4. I wonder if that trend holds up in other western European countries similarly concerned about Islamification through high immigrant Muslim birthrates.

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