French CBC name change: Radio-Canada out, ‘ICI’ in


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French CBC name change: Radio-Canada out, ‘ICI’ in

  1. You have to be my age to know that ICI has always been used by Radio-Canada. As a child in the early fifties to today, every radio and tv identification has always been: Ici Radio-Canada – as you would have, I believe, this is the CBC. I am sure however, if they spent that much money in external consultants on rebranding, that it is a way to remove the word Canada from their identity.

  2. BTW, just read on the RC website that the TV network will be called ICI Télé, le Réseau de l’information, the French Newsworld, ICI RDI; radio la Première Chaîne will be ICI Première, Espace Musique will become ICI Musique, and their website, now radio-canada.ca will become ICI.ca. The website change is a very good thing.

  3. I am curious, how many people do you know who don’t call the CBC the CBC but refer to it as the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation? Where is the word Canada when the announcer says: this is the CBC?

  4. Gonna be weird to hear “Ici, ICI.” 0_o

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