Friday afternoon buck-passing


If you’re wondering what this corner thinks about the Lynch report on Brodie-Odie-O, let me just say it’s almost exactly the same as what these fine bloggers think. The report is a chilling portrait of distractedness, musing, and human fallibility at the highest reaches of government. It’s like a wonky version of “Celebrities… they’re just like us!” from US magazine. Ian Brodie takes the trash out! Ian Brodie can’t get the grocery bags to open properly either! Ian Brodie mishears some Washington gossip and thinks it’s not a big deal when he passes it along!


Friday afternoon buck-passing

  1. “The leader of the NDP has asked solid questions on this and they deserve answers and we’re going to find those answers,”
    -Stephen Harper

    Lucky for us, Jack Layton was onto the real scandal of the day. And what a treat it was to see Jack Layton and Lou Dobbs having a little chit-chat.

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