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From the magazine


Something like 750 words on the last of the Progressive Conservatives on Parliament Hill.

She defines herself as socially progressive and fiscally conservative. And by her estimation, the Harper government has been neither. Tied by partisan affiliation to the past, working within an institution many consider antiquated, McCoy seems rather contemporary. She uses Twitter, has created an elaborate website ( dedicated to “meaningful, informed, open discussion” and regularly blogs about matters of policy and legislation. Last fall, with statistics and graphs, she doubted whether legislation on cigarillos would result in fewer children smoking. She speaks now of early childhood learning as a Progressive Conservative ideal: both socially and economically sound. She says, “I’m very fond, privately, of decrying the messaging, the narrative, that comes from our leaders these days of being positional instead of visionary and pragmatic.”


From the magazine

  1. "She says, “I'm very fond, privately, of decrying the messaging, the narrative, that comes from our leaders these days of being positional instead of visionary and pragmatic."

    I guess you're now publicly fond of it too? No matter. Long as you lead by example, that's what counts.

  2. Good stuff Aaron. Sen McCoy's website is definitely worth a read.

  3. Red Tory [ red tawr-ee, tohr-ee]:

    1. A crypto-leftist who is butthurt that only 4 out of 5 national parties in Canada are left wing instead of their preferred arrangement of 5 out of 5. In McCoy's case, not so crypto.

    If the Conservatives, who, according to Coyne are arguably more Marxist than Marx himself at this point, aren't sufficiently Marxist for the good Senator she is free to join one of the socialist coalition parties and show us her true colours, it's not like there is a shortage of left wing parties for her to join.

    Reading her deets, she's a "geographic Tory", one who certainly would've been NDP or Liberal had fate led her to another province, but who wanted to join the "winning team", the Alberta Tories.

    She says she's socially liberal and fiscally conservative? Great! That's what everyone thinks they are, I've yet to meet this alleged fiscal liberal or the even rarer "authoritarian". Everyone describes themselves as libertarian, everyone says they are fiscally conservative, few have actually earned those badges.

    She's your basic Canadian female: super duper left wing, can't bankrupt the treasury fast enough, never met a left wing cause she didn't support, never said or done anything politically incorrect. Worse, she's fronting as a conservative, and that's an integrity fail.

    • Getting your lucky lady anything special on Valentines?

    • That last line makes me think this is our old friend, LaF back spewing his misogynist crap.

    • It's comments like this that make me wonder where I should park my vote.

      I grew up admiring Robert Stanfield, and thought Joe Clark was a pretty good guy. I thought that having a 'social conscience' within a sustainable fiscal framework was a pretty reasonable approach. Couldn't stand Trudeau, and felt Chretien was even worse.

      Apparently, Conservatives don't want me and subject me to cruel emotional abuse, and supporting Liberals is anathema to everything I have ever believed in.

  4. She is a Liberal, appointed by Paul Martin.

    • Half of this sentence is true.

    • Then Hugh Segal is a Liberal appointed by Paul Martin.