Fussin’ and feudin’


I hope the smash success of the Hatfields & McCoys miniseries means that the Hatfield/McCoy feud will be revived as a pop-culture meme. In cartoons especially, you really couldn’t get through a series without seeing one segment about feuding hillbillies, though in the most famous of these segments – Bugs Bunny in Hillbilly Hare – we only saw one of the feuding families, who mistook Bugs for one of their enemies. The Hatrocks and the Flintstones, in particular, proved that these feuds went back to prehistoric times, long before the Hatfields and McCoys.

And let’s not forget the time the Clampetts tried to go to war with the Drysdales as part of one of those multi-episode story arcs that always used to confuse kids. At least this one had a special song written to explain what happened in the previous episodes.

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Fussin’ and feudin’

  1. This must have been early in the show’s run. Raymond Bailey is still playing Mr. Drysdale straight rather than in the very broadly comic manner he adopted later on. The Sonny Drysdale character made one additional appearance, several seasons later. If you watched every afternoon, those story arcs were only confusing if your local station didn’t run the episodes in sequence, which not all of them did. Mine was forever jumping back and forth between the black and white episodes and the color ones. A question: what’s with the generic banjo score accompanying what’s left of the opening credits?

    • Some of the early Beverly Hillbillies episodes fell into the public domain, but the original recording of the theme song is not in the public domain, so PD versions of the episodes use the generic music.

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