Gay Iranian couple finds sanctuary in Canada -

Gay Iranian couple finds sanctuary in Canada


In August I wrote about Canadian Milad Mahdavi, originally from Iran, and his partner, Edison Khorshid, also from Iran, who was then a refugee claimant in Brazil. Mahdavi had flown to São Paulo to be with Khorshid and attempt to secure his passage to Canada.

Shortly after the article was published, Khorshid was invited to the Canadian Embassy for two interviews. He received a visa and is now in Canada with permanent residence status. Mahdavi says he’s happy here.


Gay Iranian couple finds sanctuary in Canada

  1. These people must be fakes, The Iranian president, Mahmoud Watsshisface said on National Television, that Iran does not have Homosexual people, that it was a Western disease and not found in Iran.


      • u r absolutely right alfredo

    • true north, these people are not fake, and they are are very much true and they fought hard for their lives and freedom and not only for their lives but also for other people's lives. how can u believe that crazy liar killer president by saying there is no gay iranian. homosexuality is not a disease, it is something that only people who are mature enough can understand it. and they were not coming there by boat or illegally, mahdavi had already immigrated there and khorshid was doing his things by the consult of a canadian lawyer but in the mean time, he got into the anti-government rallies after last year presidential election and his identity of being a gay was revealed and he had no choice but leaving iran. these people respect freedom and true HUMAN RIGHTS, not only for being free in a gay community, but also freedom of all people…

      • Dude…he was being sarcastic…he was pointing out the ridiculous nature of the Iranian president's statement…

        • i hope, but he said these people are FAKE…it hurts…especially when u know what these people have really gone through. when u r forced to leave ur big beautiful villa in your own country and to forget all your friends, memories and business and to come to the other side of the world and live in a small studio flat and to start life and business from the first steps again, they can not be fake and they must have a big reason to accept to go through lots of things just to reach a simple small happiness…they are not fake man. they are REAL MEN, because they did risk their lives to help peole who were in need several times…

          • Calm down salome, as MostlyCivil stated, I was being comment was in no way intended to offend anyone ( except maybe Mahmoud Whatzipickle ) Again, no offence intended.

        • MostlyCivil…Thankyou for clarifying my post …..truenorth.

  2. Good thing he didn't try to come here on a boat.

    • Agree.. if they would have come in by boat it would have made it more diificult for them to prove they are seeking ''legitimate ''refugee Status. (You know the kind where you will be killed in your homeland.) The ones on the leaky boat ?, well I think you get my drift .

  3. Oh, are you saying he should have paid a human smuggler to bring him in?

    • How do you think he got out of Iran?

  4. Thanks for the update. It'd be great to see something a little more in depth about how guys like this land on their feet in Canada over a slightly longer time frame ie. how they deal with their new freedom, fitting into the gay community, the local Muslim community, etc. Just a thought.

    • Agreed. Great recommendation.

  5. I am so happy for them," Welcome to Canada".

  6. I believe true north was being sarcastic. Look up the video in which Ahmedinejad makes the claim that there are no homosexuals in Iran. The audience bursts into laughter at the absurdity of it.

    • dear what about his first sentence of saying these people r FAKE…he was being sarcastic about that too?

      • Yes, his entire post was sarcasm.

      • MikeB.. Emily,, Thankyou for understanding and clarifing my post…salome, Yes, the word '' fake '' was included in my sarcastic post….

        • ok dude. i didnt get what u meant in the beginning, maybe because i was following their story from the beginning, i got too emotional. we r friends true north. :)

          • I like Friends……..

  7. Iran is a member in good standing of the United Nations human rights something or other – surely they don't discriminate against gays?
    Leftists and progressives always give Iran a free pass because they admire the fascist government there, but it can be seen that it doesn't always work out too well for people.

    • There's those lefties and 'progressives' [whatever THEY are] saying unsourced things again. I'm always amazed at these announcements by the right about things no one else has ever heard of.

      • Emily, please go back to Harper bashing. One is disinterested in any new field of opinion from you.

    • didint u see how europe especially italy and france and also canada is reactimg towards the decision of iran for stoning this lady called sakineh for having sex or what ever. so iran is not obeying the rules of human rights. if they get any gays, they will either torture them and prison them for a long time or they will execute them. and still most of the number of the prisoners in iran are political prisoners, and they are held in unhealthy situations and they are raping boys and girls in the prisons…so maybe iran is an active member in the united nation but for sure is not respecting any of the human rights rules.

    • Philanthropist, you're full of _____. At least online, leftists and progessives are doing far more to bring attention to Iranian human rights abuses than all you teabagging Foxers who'd rather just lump "muslims" together and leave it at that. The actions of national governments at the UN cannot be blamed on the left– did Bush stop Iran or Libya from being on ridiculous UN committees even with pitbull Bolton there? No. Go donate to Amnesty International and make yourself feel like a real philanthropist.

      • Unfortuanately, you are wrong. You're stuck in the past, 25 years ago you might have had a point, like when Salman Rushdie published his book. But today if an artist calls for a 'draw Mohammed day', she's put into the witness protection program – and liberals/progressives don't say a word because they are far too afraid of Muslims.

        • First of all, liberals are split re Draw Mohammed Day– I'm all for it, go ahead, it's free speech– so there's no monolith there. Second of all, we were discussing human rights abuses like the gay couple in question and my point still stands.

          • Liberals are afraid of Muslims, they are not 'split' on the drawing. Liberal publications all cowered in fear of Muslims, not a single publication would print the Danish cartoons for another example. Liberals do not 'have your back' when it comes to free speech or human rights – the only people who stand up for universal human rights and individual freedoms these days are on what you would call the dreaded 'right wing'.

            Our own 'Green' party wanted to sit down with fascists who use religion to justify stoning women to death – those Greens are so 'open-minded' their brains have fallen out – and that is apparently 'Progressive'.

          • Okay, let's try a thought experiment. Imagine the following is in quotation marks.
            Right wingers are motivated only by hate. Hate and nothing else. They pretend to believe in freedom, but really it's only their Christian version of freedom. You're free to worship, as long as it's at a Church. You're free to speak your mind, as long as it supports the military, Jesus, and capitalism. You're free to combat human rights abuses, as long as it's for the "unborn", heterosexuals, Christians or small businessmen.

            There, have I got it covered?

          • Worked well for me !

          • DerekPearce… Thought I better clarify my post, When I stated, ''Worked well for me !'' I was referring to the last part of your post…..''There, have I got it covered?'' NOT..the first part by any wonder I got thumbs down…oops…

          • Your prejudice is showing.

          • Philanthropist… I am not prejudiced, I just do not want anyone thinking that I was supporting your post in any way shape or form…There ! ..Do '' I '' have it covered ?

        • 'Thumbs down' I see – the truth is hurtful to 'progressives', that's why they try to shut it down, but nevertheless, it is true that the left leaning crowd is a cowardly mass that hides behind moral vanity to hide the reality of their cowardice.

          In Montreal homosexuals marched with Hamas, a fundamentalist Islamic terrorist organization that would kill those homosexuals if they all happened to be in the middle east instead of the civilized world. Marching together with fascists while in the safety of Canada is the height of moral vanity – proof that 'progressives' are some of the nastiest people you will ever meet because they are so disingenuous.

          • I was on a terrace two years ago when that despicable parade went right by me sipping my– YES, LATTE! And you once again are full of it. "Homosexuals marched with…" Er, maybe some of the participants were gay, but you make it sound like it was a parade of nothing but militant Islamists and gay pride marchers as if they'd have common cause. Lying again. Actually, from my observation, I can safely say that straight people must be terribly anti-Semitic. Why do straight people hate Israel, Philanthropist? After all, they made up 99.99999999 percent of that disgusting parade, so what's their problem?
            Once again your nickname here is ridiculously wrong.

          • Your narrow-minded polemic is showing.

      • Oh, also I see you have zero answer when it comes to "what did Bush or Harper ever do to truly stick up for human rights in international fora?" You're stumped aren't you? Chump.

        • Do your research instead of getting all your information from the left, then you would have the answers to your questions.

    • You are the stupidest human being alive.

  8. these people are not fake,because you were not in the protest in Iran.because you cant imagine how police in Iran kill people with knife. because you were not on mountains between Iran and Iraq for 3 days nonstop walked and 12 days in Iraq between war. i think some people cant understand this this situation if be weak very fast they rest you and finally execution but if you want be in life more do whatever you can. I believe freedom and i Respect pass to who Fought for freedom . you cant imagine when government wants to rest you and they Attack to your house when they cant find you then hostage your sister and Assault to her and for 48 hour hit her.frankly this text is nothing from 1000 what happen to them.

    • freedom…If you were to read the above posts thouroughly, you would find that I used the word '' fake '' in my post as a form of sarcasam, it was explained over,and over ……''SIGH ''