General Petraeus faints at Afghanistan hearing -

General Petraeus faints at Afghanistan hearing


I hope he’s okay. I had just turned on to hear his testimony  to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee but all I saw was John McCain and Joe Lieberman hanging out, and this message:

“During testimony at a Sen. Foreign Relations Cmte hearing, Gen. David Petreaus [sic] took ill and was ushered out of the hearing room. The Cmte. is now in recess and will decide shortly if they will resume the hearing. If the hearing resumes, it will continue to discuss details of the upcoming military offensive in the southern city of Kandahar, which has traditionally been a stronghold for the Taliban.”

UPDATE: Now they’re saying that perhaps the General didn’t have time to eat his Wheaties this morning.

UPDATE 2: He’s back with a smile and cup of water in hand. Jokes that he was feeling lightheaded but “it wasn’t Sen. McCain’s questions, I assure you.” Says he was dehydrated. Sen. Levin declares he will “overrule” him and postpone the hearing until tomorrow morning. Petraeus jokes about “civilian control of the military.” McCain tells him he is a Great American Hero, and the hearing adjourns.

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General Petraeus faints at Afghanistan hearing

  1. How easy it is to take a general out eh?

  2. There's going to be a medal in this for him …

  3. did your fore father didnt tell you not go to Afghanistan? did they not told you that Afghanistan is grave yard for those who invade it? Didnt they? so what are you waiting for? go man pack up your bags and leave us alone! thanks for the help but in your presence we cannot have peace!

    • Before we got there, and you were shooting your women on the soccer pitch, and cutting of their noses and ears… is that the "peace" you're refering to.

      Or was it those "peaceful" terrorist training camps, culminating in a "peaceful" mass murder of 3000 people in NYC?

  4. At least the Democrats seem to have moved past the "General Betrayus" and "suspension of disbelief" rhetoric where this man is concerned. Which is good, because he has more insight and value to add to these hearings than all of the politicians in the room combined.