Get a car. Or some bus tickets.


Slate magazine unearths the stupidest bike lanes in America. Anyone have any Canadian nominees?

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Get a car. Or some bus tickets.

  1. My nominee is Bay St. in Toronto. Only in Toronto would they combine a bike lane with a bus and taxi lane.

  2. Rachel St. in Montreal… Dangerous but thrilling…

  3. Wow – I suddenly feel that some of Ottawa’s bike lanes are not completely irrational, although I am still trying to get me head around the bike lane heading south down Bank Street. The bike lane appears for a few blocks then disappears, reappears for a block then disappears, etc.

  4. Unrelated to the post at hand – two major annoyances with this new blog format: (i) ‘continue reading’, and, (ii) at least on my browser, back button doesn’t take me back to whereever I was before visting Inkless; it works only if I press back twice superfast! But I shouldn’t have to do that – quel gaspiage!!

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