Good morning, daddy! Ain’t you heard?


Music for a day’s long, happy wait. John Coltrane, Alabama, 1963.



Good morning, daddy! Ain’t you heard?

  1. Paul, a technical note. Your clock is an hour off. Website or Berry maybe? Anyway, I’m sure it is at the top of your priority list :-)

  2. For a ‘joyous’ day this music is pretty depressing, it sounds closer to a funeral dirge than anything happy. Do jazz musicians ever sound happy or is it always so morose?

    I think some swing/big band recordings would be more appropriate to usher in the era of the messiah!

  3. It’s the site.

  4. Andrew, Paul

    Understood now.

  5. Excellent choice for this day ….. a sobering piece, appropriate as a counterbalance to the joy of the occasion.

  6. Beauty in the steady power of the piece. Brilliant. Man was a giant.

  7. Wonderful choice – though the euphoria in America tonight was somewhere along the high-energy wave from “Countdown” to “Giant Steps”. But Coltrane was always more persuasive when sombre.

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