GOOOOOOAAAAAALLLL Tahiti! ... Wait, Tahiti?! -

GOOOOOOAAAAAALLLL Tahiti! … Wait, Tahiti?!

Aaron Hutchins on the best sports story of the day


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GOOOOOOAAAAAALLLL Tahiti! … Wait, Tahiti?!

  1. Go Tahiti!

    Why is Canada so crummy at this game?

    • Bacause all they care about is Hockey when you have the most popular and exciting game of any sport being embraced by the entire world.

      • Yeah, a genuinely global game we should be participating in….and instead Canadians are guzzling beer on their couches listening to Don Cherry. Sigh.

      • because like Tahiti, Canadians don’t support players. Canadians playing sports are expected to do so with no government support whatever. how can people be expected to practice when they also have to work for a living at McDonalds because real companies won’t employ part time people

    • Canada isn’t crummy at this game. The women’s national team are a match for any other international team and regularly reach the medal rounds in any competition.
      As far as the men’s team goes, very few of the players who can play at an elite level remain ready for selection when they can instead play for another country with a greater international pedigree. Hargreaves and England springs to mind.

      • Feminism aside….and I used to play soccer….I was referencing the World Cup.

        The question here is….why are they leaving?

        • They are leaving probably because they think they stand a better chance of winning something elsewhere.

          As for the world cup, the women have a world cup too and we’re hosting it in 2015

        • they are leaving because they have to eat and they are getting absolutely NO financial support from Canadian cities, just like in every other sport besides hockey and football in Canada