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As Liberals are now delightedly pointing out, our friends at CityTV reported last night on a Conservative candidate who suggests the riding of Markham-Unionville isn’t seeing stimulus funds because it is held by John McCallum, who is, coincidentally, a Liberal.

Richard Madan’s report is here.


Gordon Landon Maverick Watch

  1. That, combined with Gerard Kennedy's study this AM showing that only 12% of stimulus has gotten out the door, and what has gone out has gone massively to Conservative-held ridings, suggest pork-barrel politics at its worst.

  2. Oh, I think the worst politicking is Baird's response. Did you know that the Conservatives spent 7 times the amount in infrastructure as the Liberals did several years ago? (Did you know that it was part of an economic stimulus plan due to an unprecedented global economic crisis that wasn't there when the Liberals were last in power?) Also, highlighting projects in ridings held by other than Conservatives doesn't answer the question (in any way) of whether the Conservative held ridings were receiving more funds than the higher unemployed regions that most need the stimulus.

    But even Baird's own words give the lie to all those tenpercenters that, early this summer, crowed 80% of the stimulus monies was out the door. Three months later, Baird counts it as 75%. So, some municipalities gave the money back?

  3. Well I dunno if this is pork-barreling politics at it's *worst*. But the Harper Conservatives are certainly giving their Liberal predecessors a run for their money..

    • I think you meant to say that the Conservatives are certainly giving their Liberal predecessors a run for our money.

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