Great Opening Lines, Political Ad Division


This Christine O’Donnell campaign ad features an opening line that has become an instant classic.

[vodpod id=Video.4600790&w=640&h=385&fv=%26rel%3D0%26border%3D0%26]

I actually am a little surprised by the tone of the ad, since I expected it to be more in-your-face, in keeping with the current vogue for saying that any attack is really an invention of the media elite. Instead, while she says that the portrayal of her in the media is unfair (“I’m nothing you’ve heard”) she tries to soft-sell that idea, and herself. Personally I think the hard sell works better in this day and age, but it’s possible that it wouldn’t fit the TV persona she’s created for herself over the years.

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Great Opening Lines, Political Ad Division

  1. Had to play it twice to make sure I got the first line right.

  2. She's me? No wonder I'm filled with self-loathing.

  3. I think she went with soft sell because her campaign theme/ad (???) is I'm You and none of us want to be thought of as a fishwife or somesuch so she needs to be calm/rational.

  4. Until I see her opposite a duck on a balance scale, I'm just not buying.

  5. Early draft she submitted: I'm you, but better looking.

  6. What's wrong with being a witch?

    • Indeed, how then can you defeat the Demon Sheep.

  7. Everybody knows …. if it floats …. it's a witch …

  8. “I'm you. And you could be me too! Just send me $49.95 and in 6-8 weeks you may receive “How to get rich without ever working!”, my handy guide to creative accounting and lax election spending laws!

    And here's a tip for free: Those Tea Party fellas don't drink tea, but they sure do party! You betcha!"

  9. Best. First. Line. Ever.

  10. Forget the opening line. Any campaign that releases an ad which includes the line "None of us are perfect" is surely on its way to defeat.

    • You're right: It should be "None of us is perfect."


      • Thank you Conan.


  11. Well there goes the witch vote.

  12. whoops…..that should be: you are not a witch

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