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Half-serious questions of the day


Regarding this picture, how many red sweaters do you think Michael Ignatieff owns now?

Do you suppose there’s a collection of red sweaters that comes with the job? Or you do you imagine people just keep giving him red sweaters on his birthday and at Christmas and he has to keep pretending that each time he’s excited and surprised?

“Oh, wow, a red sweater. Perfect. Just what I needed. Thanks. You’re so right, this will really come in handy. Fantastic. Yeah, because, you know, the party’s colour is red and the sweater is red and, yeah, genius.”

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Half-serious questions of the day

  1. They are perfect for camouflaging the knife wounds in the back…Every Canadian political leader should have a week's supply. Often worn with brown trousers.

    • In that case Harper should always wear a green sweater.

    • In that case Harper should always wear a green sweater, no?

  2. Another half-serious question: What's worse than (let's say) 147 red sweaters in your closet?
    Answer: The same number of orange ones.

    • Alternate answer: Even one blue sweater vest.

  3. No man needs more than one red sweater.

    Libs should hold raffle or auction and sell all the red sweaters. Then all seven Iggy groupies can say they own a sweater worn by their Dear Leader.

    • Actually that sounds like a really effective fund raiser.

  4. Looks like he owns 2 red sweaters,
    one, if he turns the v to the back on occasion.

  5. Reminds me of the joke about the captain's red shirt:

    Long ago, when sailing ships ruled the waves, a captain and his crew were in danger of being boarded by a pirate ship. As the crew became frantic, the captain bellowed to his First Mate, "Bring me my red shirt!"

    The First Mate quickly retrieved the captain's red shirt, which the captain put on and led the crew to battle the pirate boarding party.

    Although some casualties occurred among the crew, the pirates were repelled. Later that day, the lookout screamed that there were two pirate vessels sending boarding parties. The crew cowered in fear, but the captain, calm as ever, bellowed, "Bring me my red shirt!"

    Once again the battle was on. However, the Captain and his crew repelled both boarding parties, though this time more casualties occurred.

    Weary from the battles, the men sat around on deck that night recounting the day's occurrences when an ensign looked to the Captain and asked, "Sir, why did you call for your red shirt before the battle?"

    The Captain, giving the ensign a look that only a captain can give, exhorted, "If I am wounded in battle, the red shirt does not show the wound and thus, you men will continue to fight unafraid."

    The men sat in silence marveling at the courage of such a man. As dawn came the next morning, the lookout screamed that there were pirate ships, 10 of them, all with boarding parties on their way.

    The men became silent and looked to the Captain, their leader, for his usual command. The Captain, calm as ever, bellowed, "Bring me my brown pants!"

    • That's one of my all time favourite jokes!

  6. One is actually burgundy.

    • Nuance? Grrrrrr….

    • Isn't that Harvard's colour? Would a man who wasn't just visiting, who wasn't only in it for himself, who didn't plan to ditch this pathetic backwater of tundra humping imbeciles, hang onto a sweater like that?

      • Okay, that was a stupid, pathetic response – stay classy.

        By the way, Con strategist, Tim Powers could advise you if it is a Harvard colour – as he went to Harvard.

        • It was a joke, idiot.

          • Keep your day job

  7. It probably started when Ignatieff was the only boy whose letter to Santa read "A Maple Leaf's sweater if necessary, but not necessarily not a Canadien's sweater."

  8. Aaron, if you could kindly point to the serious halves of these questions…