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Happy holidays


Laurie Hawn writes to inform the Afghanistan committee that Conservative members won’t be attending tomorrow’s meeting. It appears the committee will carry on without them. Meanwhile, Tim Naumetz of the Hill Times obtains classified transcripts from the Military Police Complaints Commission inquiry.

Maj. Kevin Rowcliffe, then a staff adviser to Lt.- Gen. Michel Gauthier, second in command of the Afghanistan mission under Mr. Hillier, was concerned even in early stages of the Afghanistan mission of the potential for torture abuse and expressed concern at the very top that Canadians were transferring detainees to Afghan police and intelligence forces “not knowing what happens to them after they’re handed over.”

Maj. Rowcliffe and two other Military Police officers who were interviewed for the Military Police Complaints Commission inquiry revealed a state of “mass confusion” over transfers, scarce resources for military police in Kandahar and concern from the police themselves over the way generals in Ottawa, under pressure from the government, were handling the detainee controversy as it later made front-page news in Canada and burst onto the House of Commons floor.


Happy holidays

  1. I agree – let's take a break when we can handle this matter without being distracted by the holidays and due attention can be more clearly focused on the matter.

    • If we can handle an election over the holidays I'm sure we can handle looking into this over the holidays too.

      • Yeah but after the holidays it'll be the Olympics and it wouldn't do to air the Conserva-…erm… Canada's dirty laundry during ®Vancouver 2010™ so really can't we all just forget this silly violating-the-Geneva-Convention-and-then-trying-to-cover-it- up business?

  2. It seems that the finger pointing has begun. Hard to believe Gauthier and Hillier would have deliberately circumvented due process.

  3. My work doesn't end until 4:30 on Dec 23rd.

    And I'm not doing anything as important as investigating torture allegations.

    • The seem to think they are entitled to their holiday entitlements.

    • I don't think an aversion to working near Christmas that's holding them back.

  4. Mind you, I suppose it's less reprehensible to hide behind Christmas than to hide behind soldiers.

    • If one must hide, that is

    • Laurie Hawn has done what I thought to be impossible: I think he has displaced Pipsqueak Pierre as my least fave MP…. or at least positioned himself as a close second.

      • I am looking for a major comeback by PP next year… the little guy has a lot of energy and no lack of talent.

        • you are right I suspect he will be as annoying as anyone in the new year.

  5. drip, drip, drip, drip…. gush

    • Yes, some of you certainly are gushing embarrassingly about this.

  6. Why wouldn't we gush over the Conservatives acting like tinpot despots?

  7. Harper can be transmuted into that other dictator by the substitution of only three letters or a Parliament with no cohones!

  8. Could you explain to us which "other dictator " you are referring to, and if is who I think it is then I would suggest that your insane comments be ignored forthwith.

    • Godwin.

  9. Merely playing with words – much as Harper, Mackay, Hawn and Hillier have been doing these last few weeks – oh Common one!

  10. That's sorta interesting…is it so wise for the cons not to be there, obstructing…er cross examining witnesses? Presumeably the press will be. Unfiltered, unoppossed press releases, witnesses being led whereever the opposition wills…may be it would be better to be there after all?

  11. 'Tis the season to stuff the shredders with tinsel and un-redacted documents… A carrolling and proroguing we must go!