Harper in Chicago: $110 million per year for Afghan military


The prime minister held a press conference here at the NATO summit in Chicago. He confirmed a firm end to the Canadian military mission in Afghanistan in March 2014. He also announced a Canadian contribution of $110 million per year for three years, 2015-2017, to support the Afghan military.


“It’s a generous contribution. Canada has played a leading role in the Afghan mission and we want to ensure its continued success. And I wanted to make sure that our contribution  set an example for other allies to continue to contribute and I think we accomplished that.”


The estimated bill for Afghan military force, envisaged as a force of 228,500, is $4.1 billion.  NATO allies other than the US are expected to put in $1.3 billion per year. The US and members outside of NATO are expected to contribute 2.3 billion of the cost and Afghanistan will contribute $500 million per year, according to NATO.

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Harper in Chicago: $110 million per year for Afghan military

  1. And we are going to be very clear that the weapons purchased are NOT to be used against innocent people or against western interests, so there is absolutely no danger of that happening. We have thought of everything and nothing will go wrong.

  2. Switzerland always does very well out of these donations.

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