Hated SNL Characters That You Like


Since I was negative about Saturday Night Live in a post last week, I will do a 150 (not quite a 180, but close) and say that I actually like the “Gilly” sketches. Well, like may be too strong a word. I just don’t hate them like most people do. Kristen Wiig in the, er, wig is not all that funny, and “what?” and “sorry” are lame catchphrases even by Lorne’s standards, but I just enjoy seeing a piss-take on the kind of character who has always been ubiquitous in kids’ entertainment: the lovable troublemaker. These sketches portray the adorable school scamp as a scary-looking, just-plain-scary psychopath who lives only to kill and maim. It’s not a new idea, but at least it’s an idea that can sustain a sketch, and that’s more than I can say for many other SNL sketches.

Generally, I tend to hate the same SNL characters that everybody else hates, but there are exceptions, and this is one of them. Anybody have their own guilty pleasures among bad catchprhase-spouting SNL sketches?

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Hated SNL Characters That You Like

  1. It’s nothing to do with the character, but Kristen Wiig went from underexposed to seriously overused on SNL in a year.

    Oh, and I could never get enough Fericito.

    • She is the only female on the show. The rest are all “featured players”.

      I have a love/hate thing for her Penelope character.

  2. I was just going through my 15 year old SNL tapes and I’d add Captain Jim and Pedro to the list. I don’t think it’s well known enough to be a sketch everyone hates, and they only did it two times, but it was one of those Adam Sandler things that could understandably grate on people. Basically it’s two people who were marooned together on a desert island for 15 years and now back in ordinary society (still wearing tattered clothes). Captain Jim (Tim Meadows) is polite, intelligent, and well-spoken and does most of the talking and then Pedro (Sandler) says something in a screechy voice like “I made a hat out of a lobster and a stiiiick!” or “Captain Jim drowned de monkey! For steeeeealing!”.

    I also have to admit that even though I think the whole Jon Bovi thing seems like a kid thought it up in gradeschool, Will Forte and Jason Sudeikis are committed enough to such a ridiculous premise that I can’t help but laugh.

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