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Starbucks to close 600 outlets, leaving only 42 million still open.

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Have a nap

  1. Employees affected will be relocated to nearby Starbucks…likely to the Starbucks located right across the street.

  2. The grande severance package turns out to be just regular sized.

  3. Part of the problem?

    Of Course, We Burn the Urine First

    Woman: Excuse me, where is your bathroom?
    Cashier: I’m sorry, we don’t have a bathroom in this facility.
    Male customer: What do you guys do when you have to use the bathroom?
    Cashier: How do you think our coffee gets its unique flavor?

    –Starbucks, Times Square Overheard by: Making my own Espresso from now on

  4. I wonder which Canadian city has the most outlets. I’m guessing Vancouver. At my brother’s old place, you walked to the corner and could see four of them plus a couple Indy coffee shops.

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