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Heavens, how did that get there? (II)


Upon further review, Gerald Keddy notices the Conservative logo on that giant novelty cheque and apologizes.

On the other hand, as Rosemary Barton notes, Conservative MP Larry Miller seems to have his own brand of giant novelty cheques.


Heavens, how did that get there? (II)

  1. Don't upset Harper! Like the kid in a dysfunctional family, you'll just get him singing again.

  2. Scott Reid is another one. It goes along with their taxpayer funded ads too.

    What puzzles me is what they'll do for an encore? If there is no election in the Fall, how is Harper going to find the money for Economic Action Plan, Part Deux?

  3. Let's face it. The CPC made hundreds of announcements since last spring.
    The party and MPs' websites look exactly like the GoC's sites, including/especially the EA!P.
    Chances are that there are dozens of prop(aganda?) cheques on hundreds or thousands of photographs.

  4. Let's face it. The CPC made hundreds of announcements since last spring.
    The party and MPs' websites look exactly like the GoC's sites, including/especially the EA!P.
    Chances are that there are dozens of prop(aganda?) cheques in hundreds or thousands of photographs.

  5. Must be hard to take. Convince everyone that an election is a terrible idea, then see your polls rise to majority numbers.

    What to do?

    • Maybe they're trying to drive their poll numbers down again by embarassing their supporters… even further, I mean.

  6. I tried the Rosemary Barton google images challenge and in 30 seconds found this one.

    Can't be 100% sure but that looks an awful lot like giant P Lemieux signature on the cheque. This is kind of fun, although not very important in the grand scheme of things I imagine. ;-)

    • I counted 13 on Lemieux's MP website.

  7. Oh come on, people!

    Can we REALLY blame the Conservatives for thinking that taxpayers' dollars belonged to the Conservative Party? The Liberals used to get that whole thing mixed up too! Just ask Justice Gomery.

    Enough with old politics. Time for New Democrats.

  8. Well, this is fun—-I just googled a photo of some random CPC MP showing of one of those novelty cheques and if you put your laptop up to the sun and stand on one leg and close one eye you can actually see what appears to be an image of John Diefenbaker in the upper left corner of the cheque.

    Also, PM Harper was in Alberta this morning making a speech and the letters in the sign behind him were colored green—-get it—the old colors of the Reform party—next it will be Preston back—- then world domination.

    And Wayne Easter ( such a melodic voice ) on CBC this morning and behind him was the red and white of the Canadian flags—–the next thing that will happen is some political party will use those red and white colors in their slogan to try to show they are the natural governing party.

    • Sarcasm has to be be at least halfway plausible to be even 1% effective.

    • Sarcasm has to be plausible to be effective William.

  9. Oh found one from John Weston to the Town of Gibsons. Seems he has signing authority for the Government of Canada.

    You remember this Conservative backbencher right? He fell asleep in QP and was outed on "22 Minutes".

    So proud of my MP.

  10. Frank Luntz told the Conservatives back in 2006 that Adscam had only about a year's worth left of propaganda value. He didn't count on the baton being passed to the NDP.

    If it's time for New Democrats, let me make a suggestion. Do better than 15% in the polls and win an election.

  11. Back in 2007 my MP, Patrick Brown, sent out a householder with a 6-inch high Conservative party logo behind the text on the second page. More recently, I received a ten-percenter with the title "Patrick's Brown's Economic Stimulus for Barrie" with a list of federal funding for local projects. (Note: The error in the title is Brown's, not mine.)

  12. Someone should send some these over to Mercer. I'd imagine he'd have fun with it.

  13. Oops…damn gremlins.

  14. This is extreme stupidity by these MPs. Harper needs to crack some heads.

    • It's difficult for Harper to crack someone's head – yours included – when they are kissing his ass.

      • Actually, I completely disagree, it's easy to crack someone's head if he is kissing ass, very easy. Obviously you've never had someone kiss your ass.

        • Obviously . . .

          Your situation, obviously, different.

          Good luck to you.

  15. I'm totally paying my next tax bill with a novelty cheque!

    • That is such a good idea!

      We could all pay our income tax for 2009 with big gigantic cheques with the CPC logo and signed by our MP's after all they control the finances not the Receiver General.

      Oh, oh they frown on that at Revenue Canada you say? Not legal tender? Awww, let's just pay 'em in pennies with little tiny CPC logos on the official tender.