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Hello, Caraquet!


David Akin charts the summer travels of Stephen Harper and Michael Ignatieff with possibly revealing results.

It seems that, so far on their respective summer tours, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has been pretty much staying in friendly Conservative-held territory while Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff has been largely touring around ridings that the Liberals do not hold.

Indeed, despite having apparently eluded the vision of various keen observers of politics, Mr. Ignatieff has apparently made it to some 22 cities and towns.

And if you like to follow your political leaders more graphically, there’s our official Maclean’s map.


Hello, Caraquet!

  1. Really it's been national media not covering local.

    Of course, whether that's the OLO's fault or the fault of the national political media on summer vacay is what really matters here.

  2. Eluded, not alluded.

  3. One alludes to Shakespeare. One eludes the keen vision of etc.

    Otherwise, yeah.

  4. Really? How can that be true? I mean, I just read a much covered Ian MacDonald column that said Ignatieff was touring mostly friendly ridings. That wasn't true? You mean one has to actually do some homework to support a thesis? Very enlightening.

    BTW, I hope the Liberal platform comes with term limits for columnists, SOME anyways.

  5. The map would be more fun if was interactive.

    > Decide where you'd like the Prime Minister to go today, etc.

  6. Caraquet ? Great lobster.

  7. Get the Macleans intern to give us a googleearth tour – so the rest of us can get to see the country. That map with stick pin faces is lame.

    • Wells: Quit giving me -1 ratings. OK. I'll buy your damn book.

  8. One more example of how keen political observers (professionals in their profession?) need to get their heads out of their Ottawasses.

  9. Here is a map of Canada with the results of the last election.

    You may note that based on land area, the Liberals lag even the NDP. So if I went on a trip anywhere, I would be far more likely to visit a riding held by the Tories than the Liberals (even if you go by population, its at least 2-1 for the Tories).

    Oh and David Akin's list misses a Tory barbecue somebody I know went to.