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He’s a big fan


Gilles Duceppe, speaking with reporters after QP today, responds to Jean Chretien’s Order of Merit award from the Queen.

Question: Mr. Duceppe, very quickly, another opponent of yours has been given a great honour by the Queen.  Mr. Chrétien has been honoured by the Queen today.  Just wondered did you want to say congratulations?  Do you have anything to say about that?

Gilles Duceppe: I mean, I don’t have to say nothing about Mr. Chrétien, neither about the Queen.  Be happy, don’t worry.  Be happy.  Even with Lizzy.


He’s a big fan

  1. was Gillie talking about the queen or ms. may?

  2. This man is a cancer to this country!

    • And, sadly, probably the best leader of any of the federal political parties around today.

      • How anyone can say Duceppe is the "best leader" is beyond me. He has no need to develop real policies because he will never be in a position to implement them. He might be experienced in making smart-as*ed remarks, but that doesn't give him the right to be compared to serious politicians who have to live with the consequences of what they advocate. I'd give far more credit to Not-a-leader Dion any day. Dion had the guts to advocate policies that people had to deal with as have the chance of becoming law. For all of Dion's faults, he actually was a leader.

        • Totally agree, he's a predictable windbag.

          When his opportunity came to actually lead a party who could assume power, the Parti Quebecois, he announced his candidacy and then bowed out the very next day. Thinking about it overnight, he undoubtedly decided that ranting and raving in the House of Commons was a much easier gig than actually having to wield actual power.

          Ironically, the closest Gilles came to power was when the Liberals and the NDP when to him cap in hand to get him to sign on to their ill-fated coaltion agreement which left Canadians none too pleased.

      • I agree — he's got the best job in Canada, actually. Perhaps all Canadians could all have better, more effective and focused leaders if we were regions instead of a nation — a republic or something. I've lived on the east coast, the prairies, and Ontario, and most of the time, Canadians don't really get each other.

    • Scott Tribe and Thwim – the Bloc Quebecois are not contributing to making Canada a stronger country. They are parochial for starters. In addition, Gilles Duceppe is a tired old leftist who thinks Quebec independance will cure all of Quebec's problems – he really beleives it, just like he beleived in Maoism as late as the 1980's.

      Separatism is pipe dream which divides and wastes Quebecers' energies. It weakens them and it weakens us.

      Quebec's demographic problem morphs the nationalist question. It's a dying political entity, within or without Canada.

      • Do you think he still really believes it? I have a suspicion that some Bloc members, most especially Duceppe, fight really hard to not let the traditions of Parliament–that grand edifice and cornucopia of procedures that are both awesome and humbling when the thing actually does work–get to them. The Bloc's biggest asset, in my opinion, is Harper's meanspirited attitude which so often ensures Parliament doesn't work. Easier to fight against that sensation that way, but Duceppe's been there awhile. He's perfected his game, no question about it, but I wonder if he still believes in his cause.

        • Oh I think he does given that he tried unsuccessfully to move over to the Parti Quebecois.

  3. "Be happy, don't worry. Be happy. Even with Lizzy."

    One too many martinis at lunch today?

    • And my if my grandmother was a truck [ or was it tractor?]…

  4. He's also a democratically elected representative to the House of Commons.

    So, unless the Conservatives want to put forth a law outlawing separatist groups from being elected to the House of Commons, deal with it. Personally, I'm a Liberal, and it barely registers with me that he dislikes Chretien or the Queen.

  5. Because he's in the perfect position: he knows that his votes are needed yet that he'll never really be responsible for running the show.

    All the glory, none of the responsibility.

    It's easy being Gilles!

  6. Isn't there some sort of oath sworn to the Queen when someone becomes a member of parliament?

  7. I'm stunned he couldn't come up with something a bit smoother — he's usually quite good on his feet, even on topics he can't stand.

  8. Did anyone from any party speak on the Chretien honour in the House today?

  9. Gilles Duceppe: I mean, I don't have to say nothing about Mr. Chrétien, neither about the Queen. Be happy, don't worry. Be happy. Even with Lizzy.

    Not only a big fan, but incredibly, um, familier avec sa majesté.

    Psst! Monsieur Duceppe! Pour Lizzy, c'est VOUS. Pas TU. Vous.

  10. The Queen's no slouch. She loves the little guy. She's seen them all. Suck it up Parliamentary Press Gallery, smirking pundits, and self serving separatists.
    Given a choice between the opinion and judgement of the Queen, versus the Canadian media and their pal Gomery, I'll take Your Highness every time.