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He’s In For Some Lovin’


To prove that I don’t remember every ’80s pop culture artifact, I watched the Simpsons episode “Radio Bart” many times, but didn’t realize until recently that the catalyst (apart from Ace In the Hole) was this commercial:


Maybe they didn’t have that commercial in Canada; if they did, I didn’t see it at the time. If I had, my knowledge of great pick-up lines would have been massively improved, and I would know how to liven up any party.


He’s In For Some Lovin’

  1. I'm certain SCTV did a spoof of this — altho one has to double-take to make sure it's not an original spoof itself. What a hoot! We sure had some fun in those wacky 80s…

    • The SCTV parody was "Mr.Boom Mike"

  2. I saw this ad many a time as a kid, but likely on U.S. stations via cable. I recalled it instantly the first time I saw "Radio Bart" (especially the "We'll be back to pick you up later" part).

  3. I'm certain my Dad bought this from Radio Shack in the '80s. It never worked very well.