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He’s off to see the wizard (III)


Susan Delacourt is mischevious.

Okay, who’s going to be the first to talk about the “undemocratic” NDP-Conservative coalition after Layton meets Harper today?


He’s off to see the wizard (III)

  1. I don't know who, but it will be a Liberal.

  2. First prize goes to Susan.

    • she must be proud

    • First prize? That would be insufficient, methinks. Try every prize ever, including all of the Nobels. That's just sheer brilliance on Susan's part. A meeting between members of different political parties is the exact same as forming a coalition government. Some English language professors would argue that "forming a coalition government" and "meeting with anyone of another political party" are just two ways of describing precisely the same thing. Not that it isn't stupid to suggest that forming a coalition government is somehow "undemocratic", but I don't see how that's rectified by being stupider still. It's not a stupid competition, people.

      • Hear, hear. We've become way too desensitized to stupidity.


  3. “undemocratic”?
    Aren't these things unconstitutional and illegal as well?

    • Don't forget "unholy, illegitimate and without precedent"

  4. This is all over the Canadian blogosphere. Someone should point out that it is traditional for opposition leaders to meet individually with the PM before parliament resumes sitting.

    • Yes, I remember they did it last year and then Harper went to the GG, said parliament was dysfunctional, and asked for an election, contravening his own fixed election date law.

      Ah, memories.

  5. We're off to meet with Harper, the terrible Harper of Tory.
    You'll find he's sharp and carps as Harper only carps through Kory,
    As only oh only as Harper's Tories carp at every story
    A story, story, story, story,
    A story about their terrible glory!
    Oh, we're off to meet with Harper, the terrible Harper of Tory!

    [youtube D6BCf_b8GfE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6BCf_b8GfE youtube]

    • a story about the terrible tory = that's not bad! Kory would be proud!

    • LOL. Nice, Jack.

  6. It's a trick question.

  7. Susan Delacourt is at her witless best.

  8. I know. Some people even call coalition of elected Members of Parliament a "coup" and "undemocratic". Can you believe that?

    • I can only speak for myself. You'd never catch me saying something that dumb.

  9. mischievous: it is neither spelled nor correctly pronounced mischevious…