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He’s off to see the wizard (V)


I am reliably informed that the NDP requested the meeting. That they will be meeting with all of the party leaders over the next while. And that Jack Layton will be raising the issue of Canadians stranded abroad.

So there.


He’s off to see the wizard (V)

  1. is jack going on a trip and worried about getting back?

  2. There are no reliable 'anonymous sources'….they just use the media as a tool.

  3. I would hope that he raises issues around foreign Trade and the economy. otherwise folks will just realize that he is doing what ever he can to be visible.__

  4. Hooray. Hopefully this puts an end to all the uninformed speculation.

    • Surely not. We really need more posts ( V and counting ) generating vacuous comments
      while Aaron snorts into his elbow …. H1N1, ya know … he's probably at the vulnerable age.

      • This blog is like a magnet for vacuous comments. It attracts them for some reason. If Aaron got a nickel for each one, he'd be too rich to work for Macleans.

        • That comment sucks.

          • It's a word that I've come to love. I had a classics prof back in the middle ice age that ended
            his lectures with " thank you for the ?acuity of your questions". But he mumbled a lot and I
            always swore that there was a "v" somewhere in front of it all.

  5. So why are you keeping your source anonymous, Aaron?

    In an effort to minimize this sort of thing, I think if you are going to use an anonymous source, you should at least explain why that source is anonoymous.

  6. Agreed. I'm a little unclear on what's wrong with a single post, repeatedly updated.

  7. Is Jack worried that more of his voters will get stranded in their home countries?

    • Canadians, do you mean?

  8. It doesn't matter a fig that Layton requested a meeting eight weeks ago, or eight months ago. That isn't why the meeting is happening. The reason it's happening is that Harper sees an advantage in having it.

  9. Was that meant as some kind of vacuous/vacuumous pun?

  10. I'm feeling absolutely no pressure to answer that.

  11. I just wish Ignatieff would try to get a meeting with the Prime Minister, too. He simply has to get out there and be seen if he is serious about moving from stornoway to sussex, or my name isn't Guy Gi……………